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Prince William Reveals About Princess Diana And How His Family Would Never Meet Her

August 31, 2017, will mark the 20th death anniversary of Princess Diana. The car accident, which led to her death, is so fresh in our minds that it appears a matter of yesterday.The sudden, unexpected tragic demise of Princess Diana had shocked the world. However, little did anyone understand the trauma and pain which her two sons suffered.For the first time, Prince William will share feelings of grief, despair and dismay, he felt after losing his mother and struggles he faced in his life afterwards. All of it will be released in an interview which will be taken as the cover story of British GQ Magazine's July 2017 edition.WittyFeed brings you excerpts of what Prince William has to say about his mother and how it makes him feel sad that his family will never be able to meet her. The interview reflects his desires and anguish.Read on.

In a brief interview to GQ Magazine, Prince William said:

"I am in a better place about it than I have been for a long time, where I can talk about her more openly, talk about her more honestly, and I can remember her better, and publicly discuss her better." Source: Refinery29.

He added:

"It has taken me almost 20 years to get to that stage; I still find it difficult because at the time it was so raw. And also it is not like most people’s grief because everyone else knows about it, everyone knows the story, everyone knows her. It is a different situation for most people who lose someone they love, it can be hidden away, or they can choose if they want to share their story." Source: British GQ 

Prince William, who is also known as the Duke of Cambridge, says:

"My brother and I have used our experience to help other people cope with the same grief and pain through our campaign, Heads Together. We want to 'smash the taboo' of mental health concerns." 

And he also said: 

"I cannot understand how families, even behind closed doors, still find it so hard to talk about it. I am shocked we are so worried about saying anything about the real feelings we have. Because mental illness is inside our heads, invisible, it means others tread so carefully, and people don’t know what to say, whereas if you have a broken leg in plaster, everyone knows what to say," reports GQ.

Prince William is the husband of Kate Middleton and both of them have two children.

Talking about his two children, Princess Charlotte and Prince George, he expressed his deepest desires when he said, "I would like to have had her advice." He said with reference to his late mother.

Saying how he would have loved to see his children in the arms of his mother- Princess Diana.

"I would love her to have met Catherine and to have seen the children grow up. It makes me sad that she won’t, that they will never know her," writes British GQ quoting the Duke of Cambridge.

'I want my children to have a peaceful, normal life.'

"I want George to grow up in a real, living environment; I don’t want him growing up behind palace walls, he has to be out there. I will fight for them to have a normal life," Prince William said.

In the end, he told GQ that he wants to break all the barriers around mental illness.

"I had my reasons for being involved in mental health — what happened to me and my mother when I was younger," Prince William remarked.

Not that losing a mother in an early age has happened to Prince William and Harry only.

A lot of people suffer the same trauma every day in some corner of the world. What Prince William wants to tell all of them is that it is possible to rise above one's grief and lead a happy life. After all, what would make your mother more happy than seeing your smiling face. Subscribe