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Kids In Rajasthan Are Delivering Booze For Liquor Shops And Their Families Are OK With This

A shocking incident of child exploitation/labour has been observed in the remote area of Rajasthan. A 14-year-old shool going boy was seen taking beer bottles on the front basket and back carrier of a bicycle in Northern Bikaner.According to the report by Hindustan Times, there are about 22 liquor shops in Khajuwala subdivision of Bikaner. These liquor shops offer school going boys, mostly minors, a pastime job to deliver booze to the remote villages. Localities say that this is ''quite common'' in that region. Interestingly, the minor who was spotted with the beer bottles was carrying them in an orange cycle, he said, “I use my sister’s bicycle to deliver liquor and earn some money."The orange cycles are actually a gift from Rajasthan government to the schoolgirls who lived within 5 km of radius to the school, to encourage, to help them commute, and to prevent them from dropping out. Most of the minors use these bicycles, to make deliveries.