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Facebook Fails That Are Too Catastrophic To Handle

Since the dawn of time, blunders have caused some big problems in our everyday lives. The Titanic's lack of lifeboats, NASA mistakenly recording over the iconic moon landing, and the Beatles being passed up by Decca Records because they weren't considered a marketable band are just a few noticeable ones made throughout history. With nearly two billion monthly users worldwide, Facebook has been a major cesspool of accidental photo uploads, misspellings, and other blunders that can be very disastrous to one's reputation. Unfortunately, those caught in an accident are usually subjected to eternal humiliation on various meme pages. We dug through the internet to pick 10 of the wildest accidents to ever hit the popular social media platform in recent years. If you like what you see, be sure to share this article with your friends and family, and remember to always double check anything you post on Facebook!

#1 Forgot To Tell You

Getting a divorce is always a rough time for the family. Not telling your own son about it is probably the worst thing that can happen and can lead to some tense moments at the house. We're guessing this mother kept her son's shock to a low hum with some money.

#2 That's Gonna Leave A Mark

The typical thing to do at concerts is allow a smaller female to hop on your shoulders for a better view. Well, it looks like this fellow is left with a little memento from the evening's festivities. He'll certainly think twice before giving another person a lift.

#3 The Last American Virgin

Like most mothers out there, this one has zero interest in their son's behavior in the bedroom.

#4 WereOnTheCase

In an alternate universe, Twitter was invented in the early '90s as a substitute for 411. People just hit the hashtag button, type where they're trying to call (#petstore, #gynecologist) and get connected to the closest person available.

#5 Curse Those Meme Quotes

You know those horrific meme quotes that have been plaguing your feed? Those need to be put to an end immediately.

#6 Friends Till The End

There's nothing that a glass window and glorious freedom can do to separate two friends. Let's just hope that Brittnee wasn't asking her pal Zoie to get pointers on how to join her in the pen for some misadventures.

#7 The More You Know

Kudos to James for learning something in college that most people discover when they're in the third grade.

#8 The Awkward Family

This Australian family is in desperate need of a reality show.

#9 Circles Around the Sun

Let's just hope this wasn't his science teacher because Matthew might be failing his class soon.