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26 Abbreviations you Use Regularly but Don't Know their Actual Meaning 

While we have been using abbreviations like LOL, BYE, ROFL all the time in our day to day life, it is strange that the meaning is very clear but what it actually stands for is not known. You are a BMW cars fan but did you ever wonder what it actually stands for? A very few will say, YES! Abbreviations are great at least they manage to save our time, but at the same time, it is funny that we don't know what actually it is all about. And the fun fact is that we don't even know what AM/PM stands for, now don't feel ashamed, even I don't know!So, here at your rescue, WittyFeed presents a bunch of abbreviations that are used on a daily basis by us, and we should definitely know the full form of them because it is always a pleasure in being intelligent than our friends and family.


Check my DP, Bruh!


When you comment ROFL, but you are sad inside! 


People with DSLR are more likely to get friend zoned. 


I don't share my OTPs! Just kidding, I am poor!  


Well, I always prefer 24-hour format. 


When the boss gives every detail in P.S.


My HDD is worth more than my life.  


USB has a lots of secrets hidden.  


YOLO, Bro!    


I never knew this because I am a fan of Audi.


Fun fact: It is pronounced as J-PEG, not J, P, E, G (I am not sure if you got this).




RTO, where is my license? 


BYE, I hope, I'll never see you again, JK.  Yes, there are lots of controversies regarding BYE, so here is the source.


Which Zip?  


No thanks, I have a phone. 


I am identified. 






Exams: Fun - Said no one ever!