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This 11-Year-Old Subway Therapist Will Heal Your Soul For The Price Of A Mere $2

The feel-good story of the year! 


With life being as cruel and tough as it is, we can all use a 'feel good' and inspirational story once in a while; not only to renew our faith in humanity, but also to act as much needed food for our souls. The story of Ciro Ortiz is one such truly inspirational tale that is pretty much guaranteed to reach the very core of your being and touch you in a way that might just bring you to tears. Whilst other children are hanging out with their friends or at home playing the latest video game, Ciro is busy helping to heal people's lives and renew their spirits in a way that no other child his age is capable of doing. In fact, not very many adults would even be able to accomplish the soul-healing feats that come so naturally to this young boy. Read on for more regarding this remarkable child named Ciro and his heart-warming story. 


Ciro Ortiz

Meet Ciro Ortiz; the 11-year-old boy from New York who helps people using an unconventional style of 'therapy'. How he goes about his business is, he (Ciro) has a very basic table and two chair set up on a platform of the Williamsburg L-train subway line, where he offers 'emotional advice' to those that need it for the price of a mere $2.00. 

A video interview 

Adam Ortiz, Ciro's father, had this to say in a video interview with the New York Post regarding his son: "He's had a very powerful moral scope since he was little, he had a passionate perspective about anything especially when it had to do with relationships or how people behave, he said, 'Yeah, I can do that. I can help people'."

Ciro's words

In the same interview, Ciro Ortiz stated the following: "I am here on Sundays, I can be here from 12 to 2 or 2 to 4." He goes on to say that, "maybe it's not professional, maybe other people can offer the same thing but what matters is not a lot of people are doing this."


About Ciro's style of 'therapy'

According to one of Ciro's clients (simply known as Ashley), "He [Ciro] really listens to you, and he really looks at you. [A]lso he's not trying to make an answer that sounds appealing to you, he's trying to be very focused and very honest."

Ciro's main reason for doing what he does

In Ciro's own words, "The most rewarding part is actually making an impact about how people feel about themselves and other things. Just seeing the stand might give them hope for something, make them feel better about themselves and maybe like the world in general."


The actual New York Post video

Above I have included the actual New York Post video clip mentioned and quoted from in my story of Ciro Ortiz. 


An additional interview with The Tonight Show

In closing, I have added another video clip of an interview that Ciro Ortiz did with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. In addition to this I would like to add the very wise words of Ciro Ortiz himself, when he stated that "change is going to happen, because that is how life is, life is always going to change, and people will just have to deal with it." Debbie Nel Subscribe