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Make Your Manali Trip More Intriguing By Staying In Igloos Which You'll Not Get Anywhere

It feels as if my prayers have been heard and fulfilled the way I wanted them. This good news has made my day! Yes, it is true that if you have a strong desire for something and look forward to it whole-heartedly, this universe conspires to get it for you. And, my faith in this thought deepened when the news of renting and staying in an Igloo in Manali landed on my ears.Since long, books, movies and social media has been giving us major wanderlust-stricken goals. However unrealistic they had been, but one is sure to be accomplished, and that is, staying in an Igloo, in Manali. While watching 'Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and their Manali trek, I always wanted to go on such an expedition. I am more than happy now that at least one of the many goals is soon going to be achieved. Rolling over in happiness!Done, next holiday, PLANNED! No further discussions, and no cancellations, whatsoever!

Those snow-laden valleys of Manali. *Heart-eyes*

Manali will be ours now. Ranging from indulging in snow activities to enjoying in the chilly winters, Manali has it all for a complete adventure. Not to forget, the snowfall, it has the power to sway our hearts! And the cherry-on-the-cake, we can now stay in an igloo, that too, at a reasonable price.P.S. You can build an igloo for yourself, too!

That feeling when travelling fantasies are soon going to turn into real life experiences, inexplicable!

Manali is now home to country's only Igloo.

Keylinga Inn has built two igloos in the mighty Kullu Valley and we are musing at the very thought of it!

At a time, an igloo can easily accommodate two people. 

These pictures are actually making us go weak in the knees.

Among other activities, tourists will get to enjoy snow sledging and skiing.

Keylinga's official website reads...

"Enjoy a single night in an igloo with all meals. Skiing, snowboarding and other winter activities available."Finally, here are the details:For one night's stay without any activities, you'll have to pay Rs 4,600 and with activities, the price may go up to Rs 5,600. These are the prices per person.Warm feather sleeping bags with extra fleece will be provided with thick foam mattress and hot water bottles. Yes, there are proper arrangements for those wintery nights.You can make your bookings here.Book, pack and leave! I am already!If you like to read what I write, Subscribe.