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Mark Zuckerberg Talks About Drug Addiction, Relationships & Being A Part Of Congress

You probably have your Facebook tab open on chrome and whiling away your time in the virtual world. It has ingrained in your lives to the extent that your resolutions for the new year have become weird. Now they include promises to yourself that you’ll spend less time on Facebook and limit yourself from being on it the whole day. But, will that solve anything for you? Well, since you know the answer so instead of telling that, today I’ll bring you the gist of Mark Zuckerberg’s recent post. The CEO himself brings you his insight about “People you may know” to people you should know. Well, that was one of the many observations the Billionaire talked about. On the grounds of 3 stories and shear observations, the following points will help you know Mark’s vision better and that there’s way too much for you to contemplate from his life than just one of his creations – Facebook.

The Philosopher’s Mark

Mark says, he always wanted to go places all over the world and learn things about people and societies, thought he never could. To the few places he went, after being asked about his learning he never wanted to generalise because of the different communities; but now he’s able to see some common threads. The man who celebrated his 5th Wedding anniversary recently believes that relationships play a major role in shaping a person and accepts that even he doesn’t know all. Surrounding oneself with friends and families has a deep impact on one’s life, which brings us to his first story.

Ohio and drugs

Facebook’s CEO understands that one has to go for detoxification first in order to get rid of an addiction but more importantly choose the people wisely who they live with in life after that. Because, if the addict's life is full of friends who are still using heroin, then even after detoxification, one will never be able to get rid of drugs ever in life. According to him, knowing is one thing that “drugs are bad for health and should not be done” but implementing it with people high on drugs all the time, hanging around you create a heavy influence on you and hence one relapses.

Mark’s Juvenile experience

The second story took Mark to the juvenile justice centre of Indiana where he saw some kids who were sentenced for robbery and even murder. He calls the correction centre as “negative and self-enforcing social network” because he thinks more will turn out to be criminals than they were before stepping in. The same concept as the first story, where instead of forcing the children to go there as a punishment, provide them with better relationships so that they don’t deteriorate much more.

The opportunistic approach

If you don’t want to relocate, then you’ll not grow much in life, leading to economic inequalities. Zuckerberg believes if your family and friends have moved to places after getting a better job/opportunity, you’re more likely to do the same. The exact opposite might happen when the people around you stick to one place, which hinders your growth too.

From the Detroit trip

Relationships are a crucial element in contributing to the person you will be in life and Mark happened to come across an abandoned building in Detroit. Kids used to come there and wait for men and women of the neighbourhood to see a purpose in life and develop their thinking. It is not a proved study but Mr CEO thinks Facebook will play in major role in that.

And running for Public office

With a concern that strong, people often confuse his acts with an aspiration to run for public office. He reassured in the same Facebook post that, he does not intend to run for office and just wants to serve the 2 Billion people connected through the social network and provide the best opportunities through the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

The hidden Facebook motive

Though the entire post was focused on relationships and how much they matter, Mark emphasises on basically 3 points: habits, staying out of trouble and being opportunistic. Where Americans have less than 3 close friends on an average, he said that Facebook might be showing you “People you may know” but you should focus on “People you should know”. Make your mentors and people who care about you, your friends for seeking inspiration and all the support you need.

And, the research is

Mark tells that The Peace Corps works on a similar model where cultures are exchanged and new relationships are built. In the same manner Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous groups should be made as a part of new digital peace corps; where people have mentors and someday the ones who struggled once step up and become mentors to help those who are in need. New digital peace corps is one of the many things which the Facebook intends to develop in the coming future.

All about people

Lastly, the CEO signed off by saying that even if your help a few people around then it will affect everyone on a large scale around. On making positive relationships with people and learning the sense of possibilities, an immense progress can be made by overcoming challenges and grabbing the greatest opportunities of all times.

Here is Mark's complete post!