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Melania Trump Slaps Off President Donald Trump's Hand On Their Visit To Israel

All of us know that US President Donald Trump is on an overseas trip. He has already visited Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia and the UAE have pledged $100 million to a women's business fund supported by his daughter Ivanka Trump.But something peculiar occurred on May 22, which gave enough fodder to social media.When Trump and his wife Melania arrived in their Air Force One Air flight at Tel Aviv, Israel, the FLOTUS swatted away President's hand when he attempted to hold it while walking on the tarmac.The online world has become obsessed with President Trump and to feed their hunger; he has given yet another moment to troll. This act has been caught on the camera by Israeli news paper - Haaretz. It has gone viral on internet, as Melania's gesture is difficult to ignore. Have a look!Along with this, WittyFeed brings you other awkward moments pertaining to couple, which were caught on the camera.

Melania Trump swatted away Trump's hand when he attempted to hold it.

Melania Trump promptly slapped off his hand in front of the cameras. The internet couldn't get over this act and began trolling them. They began to speculate why Melania did this to Trump.One of the obvious reasons one could see clearly in the clip is that Donald Trump was walking side by side with Israeli Prime Minister and his wife, leaving Melania behind as if she was of no importance.

FLOTUS couldn't avoid holding PLOTUS's hand for a long time.

But she had to hold President Trump's hand along with Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara.

A Twiterrati noticed that their bizarre pose had a striking similarity to Trump's pose in Saudi Arabia.

While inaugurating an anti-extremism centre, Donald Trump, Saudi Arabia king Salman bin Abdulaziz, Egypt President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi were pictured touching a glowing orb in the same pose.

It wasn't the first time, Melania's reactions to Trump has overshadowed major events...

Like this one, we couldn't stop looking at her expressions. At Trump's inauguration, a clip of the first lady's expressions to Trump when he turned towards her had gone viral. And people trolled her hilariously when she liked the clip of those expressions from her official Twitter handle. 

It seems that Slovenian-born wife of US-born President Trump knows more about America. 

Donald Trump was trolled when his young Slovenian-born wife nudged him to put his hand on his heart to honour the tradition observed when US national anthem is played.

Since he has taken the office, President Trump has unintentionally continued to give troll moments to social media.

Like in this picture, when he was spotted with the UK Prime Minister Theresa May, people not only trolled American President but said that this is the first time they've seen him behaving generously with a woman.

A user on Twitter shared this GIF which shows how Barack Obama used to treat his first lady.

A Twitteratti Nadomom wrote in the caption, "This is how a real president treats the first lady."

Internet is full of Trump and Melania trolls.

The couple has been married for 12 years and they have a son named Baron who is 11 years old.Subscribe