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When You're In A Love-Hate Relationship With Someone, This Is Exactly What Happens!

Destiny has its own funny way of playing cupid. When you start dating someone, the beginning always seems to be too mushy for words but eventually all the excitement, the constant I love you and I miss you smothers with time.So what really happens when the honeymoon phase comes to an end? Nothing, you just get on with your usual life which is obviously a given. But sometimes one out of the two doesn't really understand that and sometimes it goes both ways, which ignites the fire of a love-hate relationship. Now I'm not saying it's an entirely bad thing to be in a love-hate relationship with someone because to be very truthful, it is only a phase. So remember, it's just a matter of time until everything falls into place.If you have a love-hate thingy with your potential better half, then here's a little something that nobody would know better than you about what really happens when you're with someone you can't live with or without!

Your differences hardly ever match!

There's a part of you that loves them a lot, but there sure as hell is a part of you that dislikes them as much! And the other one won't do anything about it, despite being aware of the fact that there's something you don't like. To take your case further, they make sure they're not missing out on anything that might annoy you even more.

You can't really stand anyone else making fun of them except you.

You're pretty clear with your facts, as long as you're the only one making fun of them or irritating them with your sheer sarcasm, it's all cool. But the moment someone else tries to make fun of them, you've got zero tolerance for that sort of negativity!

Sometimes the EGO comes in between when it really shouldn't.

Now even though you might have a tiny feeling that they might be right with whatever their point is, you still do not want them to have the privilege of being told that they're right. Because, ego!And your ego can not handle the satisfaction of their rightly proven point. Simple!

It becomes quite a task for your friends to deal with the two of you!

When you chill with your friends and suddenly both of you have your different opinions about everything, it becomes quite a challenge for them to take care of.

You guys are on a constant break-up spree after every fight.

The moment you start fighting, it goes to an extent where one of you call it quits. You fight till an extent that you'd even walk away for the time being saying you'd never come back.Well, that happens only in the heat of the moment.

But as soon as you walk out of the door, love hits you right in the face.

With the sort of LOVE-HATE relationship you're in, you know you can't do a second without them. You know in the back of your mind that they're your prize possession.

You suck at expressing the love cause it makes you feel awkward.

So you choose different ways to do it. You rather pen down your emotions, instead of acting on them. Because, for some odd reason, it makes you feel quite weird about things. To be more precise, it makes the both of you feel weird.Nonetheless, like I said before, the whole love-hate thing is entirely a phase of a relationship which eventually leads the two of you to understand each other a little better and fall in love a little deeper.Just like Tejaswini and Prem, who were born to hate but destined to love. Watch Aisi Deewangi...Dekhi Nahi Kahi; a fiery, action packed love story of stark opposites from Monday to Friday at 7:30 PM, exclusively on Zee TV.