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An Indonesian Slum Re-Painted Its Exteriors And Instagrammers Are Going Mad Over It

The Indonesian government has implemented an indigenous idea in a small locality and transformed it beyond recognition. The people living in Kampung Pelangi locality decided to make the place more attractive in order to increase the footfalls of tourists and boost their sources of income. Kampung Pelangi is located in Semarang, a port city situated on the north coast of Java. The locality has a total of 325 houses which were allocated funds worth 300 million Indonesian Rupiah (£17,000) by the local council committee.What did they do with this sum? Every resident of house painted roof with a minimum of three colours. Side walls acquired 3D designs. But, where did this idea come from, which transformed the entire locality and made it instantly clickable and shareable on Instagram. Yes, the pictures you're about to see are mesmerising.Read on to know how this transformation has brought prosperity in the region.

Principal's Idea

Kampung Pelangi junior high school principal Slamet Widodo approached government with the suggestion that locality's 325 houses should be painted. The authorities agreed. Semarang Mayor Hendrar Prihadi allocated 300 Million Indonesian Rupiah. He said the budget for the project can be increased further if people will support it financially. 

And, thought process

"The idea to create Kampung Pelangi came after we saw the beauty of Kampung Warna-warni and Kampung Tridi in Malang, and later Kampung Kali Code in Yogyakarta. Hopefully, Kampung Pelangi will be the biggest tourist destination in Indonesia and offer a new tourist attraction in Semarang," said Slamet Widodo according to Business Insider.

Manpower providers

Apart from the community's support, the Indonesian Builders Association provided workers that included painters, and cleaners, according to The Financial Express.

The Rainbow Village

With all the buildings and house coloured in vibrant shades with vertical strips, the place has become popular as 'rainbow village.'

Renovation finished in April

The painting and renovation work finished in April 2017. Now, people who visit the place get impressed. See the guy in the photograph. He is trying to get a picture clicked in a manner that he is drawing water.

Brought economic growth

Ever since the locality was painted, the local economy has improved. Visitors buy local goods, enjoy local food and buy souvenirs to take back home. All this has the helped local economy to grow.

Look at the transformation....

This is how the locality looked earlier. It looked like a slum colony.

... a colorful habitation on earth

The area, which formerly looked like a slum, now looks clean and Mayor plans to extend the same policy for the remaining 100 unpainted houses.

With 2 Billion Indonesian Rupiah

The overall budget might also increase to 2 Billion Indonesian Rupiah since the administration now plans to clean the local river, according to Lonely Planet. 

No more reading, just enjoy the results.....

The make-over of the place was completed by April end. 

The rainbow-bearing houses,...

And the streets.....