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7 Reasons To Justify Why You Should Always Print Your Memories

As a kid, I remember my father capturing lots of beautiful candid pictures of my mom, my sisters, my grandparents and every delightful moment that he wanted to store for the sake of nostalgia. Most of the pictures were taken when none of us were noticing and dad made sure to make save those moments for us to cherish for life. To keep those fond memories with him, he always made sure he captured every moment passing by and got them printed. Those pictures are still hanging on our walls years later. But as time went by, cameras lost their essence and smartphones, that even though are the best companions but not as good as what DSLRs were back then and still are, took over. I'm writing this blog to make you guys realize that with this crazy pace that technology is moving at, we don't realize what we're losing on, and none of us can deny the fact that things were sure as hell better back in the day than what it really is right now. There's not just one but a lot more than only a few reasons to print your memories, and here's why!

1. It makes you relive the moment.

The magic of printing your photographs is entirely around making you want to go back in time, right when you decided to click that picture. Trust me, when you hold the print of a picture, it feels like you are living a nostalgia that you're feeling in that very moment and the feeling right there is incomparable.

2. When you get your captured moments printed, they create a story.

With every picture you click, you're not only photographing it, you're also creating a story. And when you print a story, it goes on and on for generations together.

3. Because it lets you connect.

When you sit with your friends and family with a photo album of your baby pictures, it lets everyone dive into that moment. Whereas you along with your folks have something or the other to share and that moment in itself becomes beautiful.

4. Because it makes your house, a cozier place called home.

When you enter your house after a tiring day and for some reason you feel like everything is falling apart, that moment when you look around to find photos of every precious moment you've ever had throughout your life, you'll realize there's nothing else that can make you feel at ease and at home at the same time in the same way.

5. You never know when technology might fail.

Of course, technology is one thing that is taking over anything and everything in our lives, including our memories. But there's no guarantee that our memories are safe in the arms of technology which can ruin everything in a jiffy! And losing a huge part of your life that you've captured for years isn't a good feeling at all. So make sure to get your memories printed instead of relying on anything else.

6. Printed photographs are the best kind of gifts you can ever give to a close one.

It's something that speaks a thousand words without making a sound. When you gift someone a photograph of a moment that both of you could never forget even if you wanted to, trust me no other gift can be as priceless as this one.P.S.- It's always emotions over materialism.

7. They also make great DIYs for your personal space

Now for once if you think about it, you can make your personal space a beautiful corner filled with a thousand memories of a lifetime. That's the kind of DIYs I would always choose over any other thing.With Canon EOS 1300D you get the highest quality of pictures to print and preserve for as long as you live. It's time you store, print and cherish your enticing moments for the rest of your life, with the best!