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17 Things You Should Never Tell A Delhiite

Five years back, when I first stepped into the city of Delhi, I felt like I was entering a completely different world. And within few days, the hate for the city started creeping in within me. ''Rants like it’s too hot, the people are snob, the pollution is high...'' became a part of my daily conversation. However, as I started exploring this city and meeting new people, another side of Delhi was unveiled to me. The initial hate slowly turned into deep love.Though the stereotypes about the people of this city are not entirely false, the best part is that they don't hold true for everyone. The years of living in the city slowly seeped some of those stereotypes into me too, thus making me a part of the world whose image I had to protect.So, if you are visiting this city or planning to move or just curious, then you need to know the things that turn the Dilwallas of Dilli into 'Danav'. Beware and do not ask or utter these things with the sweet residents of Delhi.

1. Mumbai is better than Delhi

The first thing that is certain to make any Delhiwalla cranky is telling them that Mumbai is safer than Delhi.

2. Sarojini Market? The one that sells cheap clothes?

Cheap and fashionable! Smart shopping is the mantra for Delhi divas. So, unless you want to incur their wrath, keep your opinion to yourself.

3. Why do you use so much slang?

The slang is no slang at all. ‘Gaali’ is a part of the regular life. Though we certainly do not promote the use of foul language, but this is something hard to avoid in Delhi.

4. Delhiites are very ghamandi

Being ghamandi or snobbish is something that is instantly attributed to Delhiites. The reality is not everyone shows that traits. On a second thought, when you are staying in the capital of the country, then being a little ghamandi is allowed.

5. Noida and Gurugram are in Delhi

No! Yes, slightly showing their snobbish side, people will strongly refuse to accept that Gurugram and Noida are parts of Delhi.

6. If you are from Delhi University, where is your jhola?

A big NOPE question. So, even if the question bubbles up in your mind, burst it before you ask this to anyone.

7. Dating and shopping is your favourite pass time?

Not everyone from this place is fond of spending their time doing either. There are thousands of other things this amazing place offers.

8. Delhi metro is…

Not a single word more unless you are saying the BEST.

9. There are so many momo stalls

We love our momos more than anything. Period!

10. Is protesting a hobby for you?

*fumes in anger & thinks of protesting* No.

11. Isn’t nightlife in Delhi dull?

Is this a joke? Of course, that is something that you are going to get as an answer. It is not boring but different from the most part of the country.

12. Delhi street food isn’t the best

There is a lifelong relationship between people who are living in Delhi and street foods, so there is no way that can fall in any other category but the best.

13. Delhi people are a bit loud

Have you seen the traffic? Heard the sounds? Felt the pollution? Of course, to talk over all that we have to be loud.

14. You are Honey Singh fan?

Yo! Yo! No! Not everyone is blown by the mindless music.

15. You eat at langars? Oh!

The bliss of eating at a langar can never be comprehended by someone who didn’t try it. Besides, the puri and halwa you get at a Gurudwara is really tasty.

16. Delhi people like to show off. A LOT!

*Awkward silence*

17. Delhi people are…

Someone once said, if you do not have anything nice to say, then do not say it at all.

Are you a proud Dilwalla from Delhi?

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