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Mumbaikars Came Forward To Help This Blind Girl When Her Parents Disowned Her

Mumbai is the financial capital of India and heart of the Bollywood film industry where thousands of people go with huge aspirations to fulfill their dreams. They are never short of yearning and do whatever the industry demands of them. Often, a daughter/son becomes helpless in achieving those dreams without the support of their parents. There are exceptions though.Recently a daughter walked in the studios of Radio City, Mumbai, and Radio Jockey Sucharita Tyagi made sure that a girl with so much of willpower (you'll figure it out as you go through her story) completes her law education. It now appears that Nikita Shukla, who is a third-year law student, will surely achieve what she wants from her life without her parents' support. But, how did it all happen? How come Nikita was able to grab the attention of RJ Sucharita? Read on to know about Nikita's courage and RJ's willingness to help.

Meet Nikita

The girl who is completely blind was not accepted by her parents and they wanted to disown her after she had completed her schooling. Her parents wanted to marry her off. Nevertheless, Nikita managed to continue with college education with the support of her generous friends. And now with the support of Mumbaikers; she'll become a successful lawyer. All this happened with the support of RJ Sucharita when Nikita was called at Radio City's office to collect her prize she won after winning a competition. The entire story was told by RJ in the following tweets:

Winning a competition

Nikita Shukla won a competition conducted by Radio City, Mumbai, and went to its office to collect her prize.

A candid conversation at Radio City

While she was there, RJ Sucharita talked to her about her life. During the course of talks, Nikita gave reasons why her parents did not want her.

Father's rejection

Nikita told the RJ about her father not wanting her after she completed her schooling. He   wanted her to get married.

The rebel's response

But that didn't discourage her. She decided to leave for Mathura instead of abiding by what her father said.

Support of Friends

But, before she could leave, her friends insisted that she should stay back and continue her education. Her friends told her they would take care of her expenses. Sadly, she only ate one meal in last three years.

RJ's response

After listening to all this, RJ tweeted and asked her fan group to support Nikita in order to pursue her college education.

And, fans did not let her down

The people from Mumbai donated generously to support her education. 

The surprising part

As RJ asked for donation, the contributors never asked for any evidence. They just helped Nikita to meet her ends. 

Twitter's influence

RJ Sucharita thanked her followers who responded to her tweets.

She'll get 3 meals a day now

The funds which were raised were handed over directly to Nikita on May 16, 2017, and now the blind aspiring lawyer will be able to have three meals per day.

Watch the entire video of the candid conversation.