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Katrina Uploads A Picture With Salman On Her Instagram, Could Be the Effect Of Tubelight

Once again, break-ups, patch-ups and many unrevealed secrets seem to envelope the lives of "Once Upon a Time" couple. Ages had passed since the most wanted B-town couple had uploaded any of their pictures. However, the latest upload of Katrina on Instagram will definitely arouse the interests of pool of people.An adorable black and white image of Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif is again a jaw-dropping one. Salman in front, Katrina occupying a seat at the back and the closeness between the two can surely unveil an ocean of stories. Is it a short couple vacation or just two best friends hanging out together? A question in the minds of many but answer with none. However, there has been vivid reactions to this latest upload. While some are rejoicing the moment of their togetherness, on the other hand many are blaming the friendship to be fake. But let's not forget that every coin has two sides. 

A Much Awaited Upload

Two people need not be in a relation always, they can be 'just friends' too. Just to create an aura of Sallu Bhai and promote his upcoming movie- Tubelight, it appeared to be sweet and simple gesture of Katrina towards her long found friend. While enjoying her time with Salman Khan, she not only created memories with him but left a stream of excitement among his fans. (Cover image courtesy: movified.com)