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Bruce Lee Was Inspired By This Indian Wrestler Who Could Lift 1,200 Kgs 

When it comes to fitness and wrestling, Bruce Lee has always been ruling. But have you wondered how the master Bruce Lee was inspired to get into the field? Well, hailing from Baroda, India (now Vadodra) a young wrestler in his 20s was the inspiration behind the legend, Bruce Lee. The young man was known as Gulam Muhammad, but popularly called as Gama Pehalwan. He was probably the first famous wrestler to be an Indian. He started to participate in wrestling tournaments conducted worldwide at a very young age and became famous in the field. Gama Pehalwan traveled abroad and began winning medals for India. He's been the inspiration for many young wrestling talents in India. Not just that, the great Bruce Lee was also inspired by his schedule and sincerity.Let's find out more about this courageous wrestler. 

This is Gulam Muhammad. 

Gulam Muhammad became famous after training with a giant stone that weighed 1,200 kg. He could easily carry the stone and he turned into an inspiration for many young wrestlers. The giant stone weighing 1,200 kgs is put on display in the Baroda Museum in Sayajibaug as an honor to Gama Pehalwan's strength. 

His diet wasn't ordinary. 

This Pehalwan wasn't just another human being. He used to consume lots of yakhni(broth of mutton), half a kilogram of butter, 4 kilograms of fruit, and 20 liters of milk. 

This Pehalwan inspired the legend, Bruce Lee. 

The entire world must be inspired by Bruce Lee due to his undying dedication towards martial arts. But Bruce Lee was inspired by none other than our great Indian Pehalwan. 

He had a difficult work out schedule. 

His schedule included 3,000 push-ups and 5,000 squats each day. 

He was born in 1878. 

He made his wrestling debut in Jodhpur. Among 400 professionals, Gama Pehalwan was ranked in the top 15. 

He started training since he was 10. 

He entered major league wrestling matches by the age of 17. 

Gama traveled across the globe. 

Some of his great matches were held in England. He challenged any 3 wrestlers and defeated them in under 30 minutes regardless of their weight divisions.