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The World’s Happiest Person Matthieu Has A Lot To Make Your Heart Smile Right Now

Wait before you proceed…Did you mark the cover picture?Did you really see his face? Noticed something pretty?Did you feel those pure vibes his smile is spreading?I request you, look at him again.Okay, fine! What makes you happy? What does happiness mean to you? How many times a day you feel really happy?Too many questions huh? No worries.All I am talking about today is, 67-year-young Matthieu Ricard (French author), the world’s happiest man. In this world of troubles, getting to know someone entitled ‘world’s happiest person’ is incredibly rare. Matthieu is a Buddhist monk who has been serving humanity from Shechen Monastery (Nepal). Before resting on the lap of the Himalayas in Nepal, he spent many of his active years in India and Tibet exploring and learning about Buddhism. From earning a Ph.D. degree in molecular genetics, being a photographer, speaker, author, translator to a monk, Matthieu has been enriching millions of souls with his intellect and wisdom since more than four decades.Here are some of the important takeaways we receive while digging out Matthieu’s life. I am sure this will be the most inspiring thing you’ll find on the Internet today:

Albert Einstein had said: "Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind." Religion here, he actually meant ‘spirituality’. And spiritual leaders like Matthieu have proved that these two factors need to go hand in hand to make this world a better place to live in.

Since being stated by ‘the happiest man’, Matthieu’s major preaching is ‘how to lead a happy life.’ He says, ‘happiness is a skill.’ While talking to DailyGood website, he said: “If we think of happiness as a way of being, as something that represents a state of flourishing, of fulfillment, of a well-being that endures through all events in life, even all different kinds of emotions and mental states, something that gives you the inner resources to deal with whatever comes your way—pleasant, unpleasant circumstances, helpful circumstances, adverse circumstances—something that gives you some kind of platform or way of being that’s behind all that, and that gives you the resources to deal with all that. So then if it’s something that pervasive, then it’s not something that is so personal that it’s incommunicable with others.”

Is it really easy to stay happy as easily as Matthieu says? Umm… it leaves me with so much of dilemma whenever I think on this. But Matthieu says: "If you can learn how to ride a bike you can learn how to be happy." Be it learning how to ride a bike, learning how to swim or how to stay happy, it’s all about gathering skills and making efforts to flourish it.Source

In one of his books ‘Happiness: A Guide to Developing Life's Most Important Skill’, Matthieu has said that happiness is an acquired skill that can be developed by concentrating on life’s basic fundamentals.While elaborating about this skill, he says: “Happiness is a not just a succession of pleasant experiences. It is a way of being that comes from cultivating a cluster of basic human qualities, such as compassion, inner freedom, inner peace, resilience, and so on. Each of these qualities is a skill that can be cultivated through mind training and through good actions and intentions. Among all the qualities that develop happiness, I am deeply convinced that altruistic love is the most powerful one.”Source

Does it mean that this happiest man doesn’t get angry at all? When asked in one of the interviews, Matthieu said: “Of course I get irritated. But I usually start laughing quite quickly at the irritation, because it's so silly.”SourceWhile talking about all these, how can we miss Matthieu's teachings in his own voice!

Now, let's look at some of the life changing quotes by him:

Someone out there might be thinking, 'teaching Gyan sitting around the Himalayas is easy, but what about practical life?'Esquire quotes Matthieu, "Life is not all about sitting on my balcony and looking at the Himalayas. You may say it's easy for me, that I live up a mountain and don't get set upon by hoodies on the way home every night. But it's not easy. I took 70 flights from 15 July to 6 November. I've not had one day off."Thank you, Matthieu, for making my day. #Respect