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An Upset Mom Accidentally Texts A Stranger Instead Of Her Daughter And The Results Are Epic

A 35-year-old man from Wisconsin was just sitting at home and minding his own business on his off day from work, when suddenly he received the strangest text message on his phone. It did not take him very long to figure out that the sender (of the text) had contacted the wrong number/person. The actual recipient was meant to be the sender’s teenage daughter Jess and no matter how hard the man tried to explain to the sender (via further messages) that she had indeed texted the wrong number, the woman just outright refused to believe that it was not her daughter on the other end of the communication string/line.In this posting I shall be sharing with you screenshots of the original messages. Please be warned however that the texts contain a lot of swearing and aggressive tones, so this posting is not advisable for younger or sensitive readers.So without further ado, see below for the image examples of what happens when texting the wrong number just goes all wrong! (Note: the story/images follow directly after the added Disclaimer/Disclosure and Source information). 


This article contains screenshots of original text messages a user by the name of velakskin posted on his Imgur account. Please note that I in no way, mean or form claim any credit for the images here-below. If you would like to view the originals or the source users profile information, you can follow the links provided below in the source information. Enjoy!

Source information 

Story and image source/credit: velakskin via imgur.com


The End 

As stated in opening, what I don’t understand is why the woman would not believe velakskin throughout the text conversation when he tried to tell her several times that she had the wrong number. Also, I find it rather strange how nasty she (the sender) became towards him (velakskin) once she finally realized that she did indeed text the wrong person. It just goes to show how strange we as humans are, in that even when we are at fault, we will never admit it and somehow always find a way to make the other person (or people) involved out to be the ‘bad guy’.