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These 8 Life Hacks Will Save Your Valuable Time And Money

Life is tough with the amount of bills we have to pay, the traffic that is ever increasing and the fact that sometimes, unfortunate things happen to good people. How do you get over that? Life hacks, obviously.We live a complicated life and we work so hard to make it effortless and simple. And what's life without life hacks? It's perfect and awesome for you smart but lazy people.Your daily routine consists of products you've been using for years, and you pretty much have your everyday tasks down to a strict science. There's always room for a little improvement, and it's time to save yourself from a ton of unnecessary frustration and wasted energy. Save some precious time and a good chunk of change by upgrading your daily routine with these eight life hacks!Make your life simple and hack away!Trust me, you'll be glad you learned these.

#1 Repair Leather Accessories To Brand New

You don't need to toss that patent leather bag just because it has a few scuff marks. Take some nail polish remover and rub it over the marks with a cotton ball. Your patent leather accessories will look like they just came off the shelf!

#2 Revolutionize How You Do Pizza Night

Need to feed a few mouths on pizza night? Cut two frozen pizzas in half and bake them with the circular side pointing inward. Best pizzeria in town!

#3 Keep Your Tiny Nuts And Bolts Organized

Anyone that works on cars or enjoys household projects knows that it's easy to misplace and lose necessary tools and accessories. You don't have to buy an expensive tool kit to keep everything in place — put all of the small parts into different compartments of a cupcake tray to keep everything tidy!

#4 Bribe Yourself Into Studying Success

If you are having trouble staying focused during a study session, place candy bars throughout the learning material as a reward. Once you reach each section you get to indulge!

#5 Use Tea Bags To Combat Undereye Circles

Your daily cup of tea can do more for your beauty regimen than you realize. After using two teabags place them over your eyes to soothe any irritation. You will look and feel energized!

#6 Keep Your Snacks Cold 30,000 Feet In The Air

Need to keep a food item cold during your flight? Place it on the window of the plane and hold it there with the window shade. Your snack will stay cool until you are ready to eat!

#7 Don't Worry About Cup Holder Crumbs Any Longer

Sick of cleaning gunk out of your car's cup holders over and over again? Place cupcake liners in your cup holders for a quick cleanup!

#8 Pack Like A Travel Champion

Packing for a trip can give even the calmest of moms extreme anxiety. Help yourself out by separating outfits by each day and placing them in a Ziploc bag. Now it's time to relax!