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This Is How India's First Womb Transplant Took Place And We Are Left Surprised

In a major achievement, India's first womb transplant was successfully conducted on a 21-year-old woman from Solapur at Pune’s Galaxy Care Laparoscopy Institute (GCLI).The recipient who received her 41-year-old mother's uterus was born without a womb. However, 12 hours after the operation took place, Shailesh Puntambekar, medical director at GCLI remarked, “Both donor and recipient are fine”. He along with 11 other doctors carried out a 9-hour surgery and emerged out to be victorious. And with this, India has become one of the very few countries where successful womb transplants have been conducted.Uterine transplant is a potential way to treat such form of infertility, and now it will bring hope to a lot of women who are struggling with infertility.The surgeons retrieved the uterus with the help of a laparoscopic technique, which assisted in shortening the duration of the procedure from normal 12 hours to nine.

Pictured: The medical team who performed India’s first womb transplant.

Puntambekar added that the patient will be assessed after 15 days to check whether the organ transplanted is working properly or not.“It was an eight and half hour of surgery. The donor is conscious and sitting up and having her food. The recipient is kept under observation to make sure no post-operation complications arise. It is first uterine transplant in India.”

The hospital has been preparing for this over the past few months.

Recipients are made to undergo ovulation stimulation by implanting IVF. Frozen embryos in the womb. After the operation, the recipient is required to be kept at the hospital under observation for three weeks, and further procedure will initiate after eight months.