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Parents Think These Pictures Seem Cute And Innocent, But Look Closer

Children are a wonder of nature. Their innocence is adorable, which is probably why their parents want to click a million photographs of every step their child takes or every expression their child makes. A gift of nature or a funny coincidence, they are always going to be appreciated. They don't think before doing anything, they just go for it. It's that easy with them.All parents think their kids are the cutest, which is why they want to capture every moment in pictures, then share them online.But sometimes, photos that we think are cute turn out to be a little inappropriate. It's all about the right time and right place. Sometimes it's not that noticeable, until someone points it out. This can be embarrassing and a bit funny, if you have a little sense of humour.Here are some photos parents probably loved, but looked wrong to everyone else. 

#1 The Golden Ticket

Be very wary when your child comes at you screaming that they found Willy Wonka's golden ticket. You just never know what it might be.

#2 Sometimes A Picture Is Worth A Lot

Maybe a few letters could have been added before this picture got put on Twitter. But would it have been just as funny? Probably not.

#3 Is That A Shark On Your Head

Great art always needs to be displayed, even on Dad's forehead. But can anyone identify what kind of "shark" this actually is? We have a few guesses.

#4 Gone Fishing

If your child is going to go fishing, they will need some fishing rods; even special ones. Of course, these "rods" might be a bit too special.

#5 So Proud Of Their Awards

When your child wins an award, you often want to display it proudly. Even when it looks a little something like this.

#6 You Know You Have A Dirty Mind When...

You know this was an innocent mistake by a child, especially since this is a birdhouse. But our minds just can't let it go, can they?

#7 Dinosaur Tail Gone Wild

Dinosaur costumes are all the rage, but someone should have told the kid that he had it on wrong. At least maybe before the picture was taken.