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Woman With Alopecia Refuses To Wear A Wig On Her WEDDING DAY

Many women from all over the world dream about having a picture-perfect fairytale wedding from a very young age. A wedding is a big deal. Especially for a woman. That perfect dress from a magazine, a June wedding at a desirable venue, the right florist for an ideal set of flowers. Everything has to be just flawless. Kylie Bamberger is no exception to this, even though she no longer possessed a full head of hair. She decided to stop wearing a wig 5 years ago, and embraced her condition gracefully. She felt like a burden was lifted from her shoulders. Nothing was going to stop her from looking like an absolutely gorgeous bride on her special day. Her positive outlook towards life is something to learn from. She is an inspiration to all women, with or without hair. This proves that she is no ordinary bride and her wedding won't be ordinary either.

#1 How Kylie Bamberger Is Spreading A Message Of Strength And Femininity To Women Across The World

At the young age of 12 years old, Kylie was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called alopecia uhttps://www.instagram.com/p/pwtrrGwUnV/niversalis.

#2 Her Own Body Turned Against Itself

Essentially, her immune system incorrectly and unexpectedly attacked all the hair follicles on her body until they died and fell off. By the time she entered high school, she starting losing hair from her head, eyebrows, eyelashes and body.

#3 It Was Only A Matter Of A Few Years Before She Lost All Her Hair

Like most autoimmune diseases, there is no cure for alopecia universalis and the treatments available often provide temporary results. The only thing Kylie could do was wear a wig and deal with the challenges of having a disease that affected her superficially and intrinsically.

#4 How Kylie Overcame And Embraced The Changes In Her Physical Appearance

Rather than allow her life and self-image to be dictated by a disease, Kylie chose to embrace her new look with open arms by discarding her wig approximately 5 years ago.

#5 She Flipped The Script And Used Her Disease As A Tool For Growth, Success And Positivity

Since then, she has gone on to model and conduct motivational seminars in hopes of raising awareness of the stigma attached to bald women and that beauty is truly skin deep.

#6 This Is What She Has To Say About Her Situation

In an interview with Health magazine, Kylie said, "Hair loss doesn't make you unhealthy, and it doesn't make you ugly. Those are two massive, massive misconceptions. I am not sick. I'm only stronger. If you're out there, bald, it just means you're becoming stronger."

#7 Her Courage And Distinctly Positive Attitude Continues To Inspire Women

Much respect should be rewarded to Kylie for spreading the strong message that a woman is not defined by her physical attributes but by who she is and what she believes femininity represents.