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This 4-Month-Old Dog Was Abused, Bathed In Glue And Left To Die Alone, Then His Saviours Came In!

It never ceases to amaze me just how cruel some people can be towards animals. Being an animal lover myself, I cannot fathom how anyone can be so heartless as to be able to hurt a poor defenseless creature. In my opinion, only a monster would be capable of something so despicable.In Turkey, a poor stray puppy (now named Pascal) is one such unfortunate victim of sheer human wickedness. His (Pascal’s) tragic story began when savage children found him near an industrial site and decided to brutally abuse the poor soul by covering him in industrial glue and dragging him through the mud. What makes Pascal’s story even more heartbreaking is the fact that it is believed that he was only four months old at the time of the incident!See below for the full story of Pascal, the brave little dog who endured the unthinkable (with real pictures of how he looked after being tortured).

Just a little dog

Imagine you are just a lost little puppy that is scared, hungry and alone; then all of a sudden you see some children approaching you. You are very happy and excited because maybe they are going to take you someplace safe and warm; give you something to eat and play with you. Only it does not play out this way and the children opt to rather torture you instead. You are abused and hurt in so many different ways, after which you are covered in glue, dragged through the mud and left to die. This is the horrific scenario that Pascal the puppy (in the picture above) had to endure for real.

Pascal the puppy

According to The Daily Mail, Pascal was found in Istanbul, near an industrial estate, after which he was taken to the animal charity organization, He’Art of Rescue.

Horrible condition

The poor animal was left in a horrible state and was understandably terrified after his major ordeal.

Left for dead

Pascal was left for dead and if his rescuers did not find him when they did, he would not still be alive today.

Stiff as a board 

Pascal was so severely covered in glue and muck that he could hardly move. He was in such ill health that he had symptoms similar to rigor mortis.

Finding solutions 

The team surveyed their options in helping Pascal.

The only option

Due to the matted state of his hair, Pascal had to be shaved.

Repercussions of his abuse 

As a result of his abuse, Pascal lost hearing in one of his ears and suffered skin burns/damage, the extent of which was only evident once the little dog was shaved.

So young yet so much suffering 

It is hard to imagine how much pain poor Pascal must have endured. The little dog had to have numerous chemical baths because of the severe damage the chemicals in the glue had done to his skin.

Terrified for weeks 

Poor little Pascal was understandably petrified of people for quite a few weeks after his traumatic ordeal.

His recovery

Slowly but surely Pascal started to recover.

His hair 

And his hair started growing back. 

Millions of admirers 

His story spread around the world and soon Pascal gained millions of followers and admirers.

Love and care 

Pascal formed a very special bond with the staff at the He’Art of Rescue, which helped speed up his recovery time.

Stronger and stronger

As time passed Pascal grew stronger and became ready to find a forever home. 

A home of his own 

Pascal found a loving forever home in Spain, where he is flourishing and growing into a beautiful dog.

The video versions of Pascal's story