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These 15 DIYs Can Prove Life Savers For You, So Don't Throw Your Used Stuff

Do you happen to buy a new accessory for your house every time you get a new task at hand? Or, do you live in a house full of butlers who are at your service anytime you need them? Or are you the person who doesn't want to spend your precious bucks for the small things. These things are often essentials elements in carrying out some basic tasks in life. When you can't afford a butler or can't buy any expensive additions to maintain your house to stay clean and tidy; then DIY hacks listed below will be of great help. Even if you are rich, The Do It Yourself (DIY) hacks are of great help in fixing small problems. I can go on telling about the benefits. But why don't you read on and see the incredibly easy ways to sort all the things around you in your premises.

Buy a clip and hook 'em up!

Just buy that piece of stationery, clip it on the table's edge and pull the wire through it so it never drops down on the floor. This will prevent you from bending down to grab it.

Brown sugar gets hard, to avoid that keep some marshmallows on top.

It has another benefit. You can enjoy the marshmallows when you run out of brown sugar. 

Layer free boiled eggs

Do you face problems while peeling off the layer of an egg? Just roll it over to the table's end and the entire layer will come out without efforts.

Soda Tab

Next time, don't throw the soda can you drink from. Instead, pull the tab out and stick it on the back of the frame. Now, you just have to screw it behind any of your photographs and Voila! you can hang it now.

Loose doormats?

Apply some layers of Acrylic Latex Caulk ( a binding solution used to seal joints), on the bottom of it. It will stay where ever you leave it.

Cut it, bind it, eat it later.

This way, your apple will not turn yellow after being cut.

Frost free

Spray vinegar on the windows vulnerable to frost and stay stress-free. You will not have to make efforts to defrost them. Mix water and vinegar in the ratio of 3:1 ratio.

Need some green onions, ...

Cut them as pictured and grow them on your own.

Say bye bye to hangers, bye bye to folding your jeans

Buy some of these curtain hooks and stay managed.

Just don't throw the empty ones.

Also, don't buy the new one just for doing this.

A magnetic strip is all it requires ...

Buy a magnetic strip, fix it on one of the walls at your house. Now, any metal object can be put anywhere on that strip and it will remain stuck there. Very helpful in the case of car keys.

Don't worry about nozzles now, dust pan it is 

Instead of buying different sizes of nozzles and pipes, take your dustpan. Put this in between the tap and the sink. This way the water will flow out of the dustpan's end and now you can fill any bucket or vessel as pictured, without hassle.

Now, see all instead of just one on the top

When you keep your clothes vertically as pictured then you can see all the different set of colour options you have, unlike when you keep them horizontally and only see the colour of the topmost garment.

There will be no knife cuts from now on

Just stretch out the floss, hold it firmly with both hands and then run it across your cake. 

End of all worries!

Take a piece of velcro, stick one part on the remote controller and stick the other part on the wall on the side of your television. You'll never lose your TV remote controller unless you skip to stick it back where it should be. Subscribe!