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You Were Always One Step Away From Preventing Cancer, Heart Diseases, Brain Strokes; Know What Was That

I’ll not ask, “Do you drink?” Instead, I will give you some real important points, which you can note down in order to face anyone who objects to your habit of drinking beer. Yes, next time when somebody asks you not to drink or restrain you from having a good time, then just share this post which you’re about to read now.These are not just benefits of drinking but life-saving tips which you shouldn’t miss out on ever in life. Say that out loud, you will lose out on years and long life if you don’t start drinking beer now.But, what I want to profess is that you should consume beer in moderate measure. If you don’t consume beer moderately, then many diseases would trouble you for whole life. So, drink beer in limited portion every day and let go of the worries. Here are some of its added benefits.Read on.

Makes you genius

According to Consciousness and Cognition, an experiment was conducted on 40 men. Those who drank beer while watching a movie were able to solve verbal puzzles faster than those who didn’t. But drinking it in extreme will make you lose out your brain entirely, so then your genius will be of no use. Keep it to minimum, and Cheers to smartness!

Nice “stool”

Beer, particularly among other drinks, is rich in fibre which acts as a natural laxative to our digestive system. It controls your appetite, which makes sure that you eat less too. It thus indirectly contributes in controlling your weight.

Reduce the risk of cancer

Yes, you can’t prevent it. But if you consume a glass daily then according to Mayo Clinic, you will be able to reduce the risk of cancer.

Reduce heart disease

The Healthy Lifestyle block of Mayo Clinic’s website tells that drinking alcohol moderately will minimise the risks of developing a heart disease or dying from it as well. The antioxidants in dark beer also help in preventing clogged arteries.

Brain stroke

It controls brain stroke. It is known as the ischemic stroke, in which the arteries linking to the brain get blocked or narrowed down, which in turn reduces the blood flow. Not to forget, everyone will not get the same result. But, there is no harm in trying. 


A moderate consumption of beer helps to reduce diabetes risk too. Keep in mind that the term ‘moderate’ mentioned everywhere in this post means 12 fluid ounces (355 milliliters) only. It doesn't mean that you can drink all night. If you’re under the age bracket of 65, then you can have 2 glasses of beer and after 65, only one. Women, on the other hand, can only have one glass at any point in life.

Bone mineral density

Bones deteriorate in old age, so if you don’t want that to happen then drink moderately every day, according to Tufts Journal. And, you should know that low bone mineral density causes osteoporosis.

Reduced Gallstones attacks

Just half a glass, I know. Drinking half a glass of beer glass is an insult to beer but this Health blog insists on limiting to that much only. It will help the drinker in reducing gallstones attacks by 40%. But, if the consumption exceeds, then no protection can be guaranteed.

Alzheimer’s immunity

A research carried out by Loyola University in Chicago proved that people who drink beer moderately are 23% less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease than those who don’t drink.

Reduced Cholesterol

Along with smoothening bowels, it also cuts down your cholesterol level. Beer being made from fibre-filled barley, helps in maintaining cholesterol level to a considerable extent.

Blood pressure

Ladies only, sorry men! BAUER states that if women drink beer then they’ll be able to manage their blood pressure in a better manner. Subscribe!