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Brigitte Macron: The Most Unique First Lady France Has Ever Had

France has a brand new president; 39-year-old Emmanuel Macron. However, the world is much more interested in the new French First Lady, Emmanuel Macron’s wife, Brigitte Trogneux Macron, than they are in the president himself. But why is the new leading lady grabbing all the media attention and the proverbial spotlight? Could it be the fact that she has been a constant presence at her husband’s side throughout the campaign, or is there some other factor (or factors) that make Brigitte Macron stand out like no other First Lady before her?Read below to find out what it is that makes Brigitte Macron stand out as being the most unique First Lady France has ever had, and why it is that her marriage to freshly-appointed President Emmanuel Macron is also viewed as being a unique one indeed.(Please take note that some of the images used in this article are for illustration purposes only)

Her age

One of the first things that makes Brigitte Macron unique is her age. She is currently 64 years of age and she has three grown children and seven grandchildren.

25 years her husband's senior

Being 64 makes Brigitte Macron 25 years her husband’s senior; an irregular (as well as unique) occurrence in any first family internationally.

An official role

According to CNN, Macron stated that should he be elected, he would most likely give his wife an official administration role. According to various other sources, this job/role has not yet been defined, and it will most likely be an unpaid one.

How they met

According to The Independent, the couple met each other when Emmanuel Macron was a student at a drama school in Northern France.

Just a lad

Macron was only 15 years of age at that time.

His teacher

The surprising factor is that Brigitte Macron (then Trogneux) was her husband’s teacher at that time when she directed him in a school play.

Rumors blossomed 

It is said that in the following year, the now couple collaborated with each other to rewrite a play together. However, this caused rumors of a relationship between the two to flare up.

A move

Due to the rumors mentioned above, the teen Emmanuel Macron’s parents decided that it would be best to move him away.

A prestigious school

Macron then attended the much sought after Lycee Henri IV School in Paris, where he completed his education.

Some infamous words to part with 

According to President Macron’s biographers, before he left the drama school in France where Ms Trogneux was a teacher, he uttered these unforgettable words: “You cannot get rid of me. I will come back, and I will marry you”.

A wedding

The couple eventually did wed in 2007, when he was almost 30, and she was 54.


Macron was heard saying to friends and family at the wedding ceremony; “Thanks for accepting us, a not-quite-normal couple."

Not accepted by all 

However, not everyone has been so accepting of Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron’s ‘unconventional’ relationship, with the French press making the couple’s 25-year age gap a source of much ridicule. Nevertheless, their relationship remains strong no matter what the world throws at them and who ridicules their romance (and the unconventional way it started out).In closing, I have added a few video clips with regards to the couple and the presidential election here-below:Subscribe

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