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10 Surprising Facts About France's President-elect Emmanuel Macron

France has decided to pick their person of choice as their next president. Emmanuel Macron has defeated Marine Le Pen in the presidential race by a significant margin. Macron is now set to be the youngest president in the history of France. Here are some facts about him that you don’t know.

1. No experience in running a campaign.

Emmanuel Macron entered the 2017 presidential race in France with being the only candidate who had no prior experience of running a political campaign. Under the term of President François Hollande, he was given the charge of Economy, Industry and Digital Data ministries. His actual entry into public consciousness came when he turned into a rebel against his own socialist party and decided to run as an independent for the president in support of his 'En Marche!’ movement.

2. Married to his 24 years elder high school teacher.

He is married to Brigitte Marie-ClaudeTrogneux who is 64 years old and 24 years older than Macron. Brigitte is his former high school teacher and they first met when Macron was 15 years old. She was married at that time and Macron’s parents were against their relationship. In 2007, they got legally married and have been together since then.

3. His step son is older than him. 

Brigitte has three kids from her previous marriage and her eldest son, Sebastien is 42 years old, making him older than his father.

4. The Pro-European Union Leader.

Unlike Marine Le Pen who promised to withdraw France from the European Union, Emmanuel Macron has a strong stance in favour of European Union. He wants to make some changes in order to make a stronger EU. In an interview, he said, “I propose to restore the credibility of France in the eyes of Germany, to convince Berlin in the next six months to adopt an active investment policy and move towards greater solidarity in Europe.”

5. His own party.

Macron initiated his very own political movement, termed as, “En Marchel!” He did this when he announced his candidature for the presidency. The English translation of this name is “Forward!” Macron has told that his organisation combines elements from both left and right and is post-partisan.

6. Business friendly.

Emmanuel Macron is a young and vibrant leader who surely understands the importance of trade and business in today’s world. He is himself a former businessman. He has said that he wants to make France a place which can be more business friendly and has promised to lower corporate taxes. He is also in favour of keeping official work week hours at 35.

7. He was the classmate of his step daughter.

During his school days, he studied under his teacher Brigitte Trogneux. Brigitte’s youngest daughter, Lawrence is of the same age as Macron and they both studied in the same class. Little did she know that she’s gonna have to call him daddy in the future.

8. Obama connection.

In the final phase of his campaign, Macron called former president Barack Obama and spoke to him over the phone. He is a leader who will be inclined and aligned more with Obama or Clinton. A spokesperson for Obama later said, “This should not be considered an official endorsement and that Macron had requested the call”. Macron released a footage in which he can be seen having a conversation with Obama. 

9. Similarity between Macron and Trump.

Just like Trump, Macron also made his mark in the public as a fresh face. He is seen as someone without any political association and maybe that’s why he succeeded in making his own mark amongst the voters.

10. Secularist opinion.

Macron said in 2016, “No religion is a problem in France today, if the state should be neutral, which is at the heart of secularism, we have a duty to let everybody practice their religion with dignity.”