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Husband Puts Wife's iPhone In Jello And Her Reaction Is Hilarious!

In this new video of “Pranksters in Love", John and Nikki might seem like a normal couple but the prankster husband doesn’t let monotony get in the way. Guess, what does he do to his wife’s iPhone when she fell asleep. That’s right. As bizarre as it may sound, he freezes her phone in a jello as a prank. This man is no ordinary prankster! His plan to freeze her iPhone is an elaborate and a lengthy process. This prank reminds us of the popular UK and US based show, “The Office.” In the pilot episodes, Jim/Tim pranks Dwight/Gareth by putting his stapler in Jello/Jelly.But an iPhone is certainly a little more valuable than a stapler, right?Watch what happens when John finally goes through with his ‘iPhone in jello’ prank. Does Nikki finally leave him? Does she have a mental breakdown? Does she fly into a fit of rage! All the options seem amusing to us. Jello is a gelatin-based dessert, which includes fruit gels, puddings and no-bake cream pies.

Watch the video to find out!