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These People Living Their Life With Prosthetic Leg Will Keep You Motivated For The Whole Week

Ever come across someone who wears a prosthetic leg who lost their leg in an unfortunate accident? Or had to amputate it because it was a need of the hour. They walk the harder paths of life when being put to the test their spirit of survival in a world where most of the people can walk straight without any difficulty. Fortunately, the medical advancements have made it possible for them to wear artificial legs and walk like others who are fully capable of walking straight. The absence of a limb or losing one kills hope within a person but also seeing one can bring the motivation into your life.  Life isn't easy, and wearing prosthetics needs more medical attention than a normal person would. Nonetheless, it has not killed the spirit of the people who wear them. People like Anu are a source of inspiration. Not only, Anu, the following 14 you will be coming across will make sure that you stay motivated for your coming life and be thankful that you don't limp. Have a look!

The adorable pink blades.

To start with, a tweet which showed UK resident, Anu, 7, in a yellow dress with a pink prosthetic leg. Her leg was amputated soon after her birth. After growing up, she got a pink prosthetic leg, and now she can run and dance in any way she likes to. 

Surprised, wait until you see others in the list.

The gymnast with several videos on her profile.

I bet you cannot do this.

Even in old age, his spirit is still alive.

See the efforts, spare the video quality.

This one is handpicked for you. Want to see more of them; visit his profile.