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EXCLUSIVE: Shaheed Jawans' Money Is Being Looted In The Name Of Akshay Kumar. EXPOSED!

Share this article with at least 20 people in your friend list or you'll be considered a coward to your nation.Are we saying this? NO! In fact, we are pleading- ''Share this article only and only if you are a hundred and not even 99.99% sure that sharing this will help the nation in a way that can add something to the life of the Jawans fighting for us.''If it's not water that runs through your veins, if it's not a traitor's milk that you were breastfed with, if it was not a schmuck who taught you the lessons of life while you grew, your blood will boil as badly as it did of the Bollywood actor and visionary Akshay Kumar's, once you're done with this article.Get intolerant (for next 5 mins) and read further...

Bharat Ke Veer:

It has not been more than a month that Mr Akshay Kumar aka AK announced the launch of his dream website, Bharat Ke Veer. The website that took three months and Indian government's backing to come into existence, is aimed at providing a platform to the people wishing to contribute to Martyrs' family.With such a kind and spotless objective, Akshay had no idea that he was giving wings to a few bastards and their clouded brain.

Objective of the initiative:

We watch patriotic movies, come out of the theater all pumped up to do something for the Indian Soldiers who serve us without demanding anything. We then lose our motivation when we do not find a proper medium to extend our help directly to them.Akshay's initiative did nothing but tried its best to become that medium by bridging the gap between your kind motives and martyrs' genuine needs.Image: A still from Akshay Kumar's Holiday movie. 


The mission intended to provide charity to families of soldiers looks possible with thousands of donators already flooding in. **Respect to them**But, a few maniacs who are insensible enough to take advantage of such a great initiative, decided to make wrong use of sentiments of the Indian population.Image: A still from Akshay's meeting with Nepal Police.

Fake messages making rounds on WhatsApp

Have you received one such message lately? If YES, I can only hope that you haven't yet forwarded or done anything that it asked. If NO, read further and save yourself from being fooled.This message above tries to get you emotional with all sort of touching lines used in a well-developed web to trap you. It will throw every possible patriotism-driven stone at you and you'll be forced to either catch it or take back the guilt of not having donated to the families in need.What's the truth? Let's find out with a helper in the name of an Rj.

The message luckily went to 92.7 Big FM Rj Gaurav's IB

It was only when Rj Gaurav (92.7 Big FM Indore) received this message that the reality of the viral WhatsApp thread came out. Rj Gaurav wasted no time to go into the depth and straightaway called Syndicate Bank customer care service to confirm the account details and take out some info. He was shocked to learn that the bank account (on the name of Army Welfare) was opened in 2016 while the campaign actually started recently in April 2017, as told by a female Syndicate Bank customer care provider.

Here is the complete call recording:

Will the money sent to this account reach the families of the Martyrs or not is a big question! We are not having the complete details of the amount of money already being transferred to the forged account and if any transaction is made or not, but this looks like a pure fraud case.Isn't this something shameful done to the Indian soldiers as stated in the title of the story?

When Akshay Kumar got to know about this...

Of course, he is disheartened and stunned, who won't be? I am stunned and so are you, we can not let the hard earned money go to some a**h#le fraudsters who have the guts enough to play on such a big cause.So, what next? What should we do about this?

Let's first hear it from respected BSF DIG Amit Lodha:

Being a driving force to the Bharat Ke Veer's ideation and also being close to Akshay, Mr Amit Lodha agreed to take out some time and give an interview to WittyFeed where he spoke his heart out on this sensitive and very important issue. Through his voice, one can guess the feeling that goes into an initiative like this and how bad does it feel when people decide to take undue advantage of it.

People who came out to contribute:

Just like Ms. Pooja Sahil Bhandari, you too can extend your helping hand and reach out to the right place to contribute.

Bharat Ke Veer: An appeal!

Through this post we wish to make you aware of the fact that there is NO PLAYSTORE APP NAMED AS BHARAT KE VEER till date. The only place where you may go and contribute is BharatKeVeer's official website.So do not let yourself or any of your knowns to be fooled into any such thing that demeans Bharat Ke Veer's agenda.

To ditch the nation is to ditch your inner self, your God!

If you call yourself a youth, let me tell you that its Hindi translation is ''JAWAAN'' and the word Jawaan is synonymous to Armymen. This itself proves the kind of responsibility that you carry on your youthful shoulders and you can in no condition do something that tarnishes mother India's image.With this, I wish to leave it up to you if you still choose to blindly forward and react on the fake messages/links/websites/portals or you choose to find out the reality (As Indore's Rj Gaurav did) and then act accordingly.Now wait, DO NOT HIT on the share button blindly. Share this story only if you have the intention of educating the nation about the better use of social media and about the true spirit of patriotism that we must have. 

Rj Gaurav's message to the nation:

Subscribe me in case you wish to connect with me and make use of the level of understanding that we share (You have read the story this far and it proves that we're on the same page to make things better).JAI JAWAAN!