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North Korea Accuses US And South Korea Of Hatching A Plan To Kill Kim Jong-un

North Korea has alleged that US and South Korean agencies had planned to kill its supreme leader Kim Jong-un. The BBC quoted a North Korean state security ministry source who said a North Korean who has been referred as 'Kim' was paid money to kill Jong-un using the biochemical materials.The plan was thwarted, it said, but gave no particulars about what happened to 'Kim'. In response, the CIA refused to give clarification while South Korea kept silent on this issue. The North Korea's claim comes at a time when tension is brewing up in the Korean peninsula. Recently, Jong-un had threatened to conduct fresh nuclear test, which had upset US President Donald Trump. Read on for full details.

Its an unbelievable accusation...

The North Korean government has had a record of providing misleading reports. The particular accusation about a plan to kill raises many questions. But looking at the tensions building on both ends, anything appears possible.

CIA role...

The ministry of state security, in its statement, said, "CIA and South Korean intelligence officials have cracked a wicked plan to hurt the supreme leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea". They didn't mention Kim Jong-un's name in its statement, but he is mostly referred as supreme commander of North Korea.

The statement suggests that the agencies tried to use biochemical substance.

According to BBC, the ministry stated, "The best method was the use of biochemical substances including radioactive substance and nano poisonous substance whose results would appear after six or 12 months." 

But how did it start? 

June 2014: A North Korean working with Timberland firm in the Khabarovsk region of far-eastern Russia was "corrupted and perverted" by CIA and South Korean secret agencies. The man 'Kim' was given money and a "satellite transmitter-receiver" and a ticket to Pyongyang.

January, May, August, September 2016:

'Kim' communicated with South Korean agencies through spacecraft transmitter about procurement of biochemical materials and the place of killing Jong-un. 

March and April 2017:

'Kim' joins a South Korean diplomat in Dandong in China and is granted a new communication device and more money. More conversations take place in April. The last date of action is fixed as early May when 'Kim' is supposed to get "necessary stuff" via a "liaison centre". 

The statement claims that CIA provided the substance while South Korea funded it.

However, the ministry's shocking revelations gave no particulars of how the claimed plan was tapped or about the end of 'Kim', who it defined as "human scum".

Pyongyang has threatened to go for sixth nuclear test.

In last few months, the war of words has escalated between the West and nuclear abled-North Korea.

On Saturday, North Korea conducted its second but failed ballistic missile test.

The US sent a warcraft and deployed anti-missile protection system in Korean peninsula. President Trump warned of a "significant conflict" with North Korea. But this week, he announced that he is ready to meet Kim Jong-un in the right conditions. 

The White House said...

White House said conditions were "clearly not right" and told the North Korea that it should "end its alluring behaviour immediately."WittyFeedians, what is your suggestion to Kim Jong-un or President Trump? Share your views in the comment box below.That's all, folks!Subscribe