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Best Smartphones That Can Click Perfect Instagram Pictures For You

Instagram, my friend is all about showing off! Now don’t start judging me on this yet. For, we all know that Instagram is that part of you, that you want the world to see. So, to get that right, we’d need a friend with a DSLR (Ahem) or the next best thing is a decent smartphone that doesn’t burn through your pocket and into your thigh while you’re at it.I know while you might shy away from accepting the fact that a great InstaPic adds smiles to your day, you'll not say NO to having yourself clicked amazingly. So, here is our curated list of smartphones that can get you that InstaPic you’ve never had.

Honor 6X

So now, it’s not all about the selfies, for the Honor 6X comes with a dual camera that lets you have the perfect Bokeh effect in your next Instagram Picture. Zoom-in at various focal points, thank the manufacturers for making it available at a throwaway price when compared to its competitor the iPhone 7.

Mi Max Prime

Want to show off your gang of friends back from school? Here’s the wide angled camera phone that accommodates you’ll in its perfectly wide 6.4-inch touchscreen. The 16MP primary camera on it does wonders. Trust me.

Oppo F3s

Now to all those people who relate to the phrase ”But first, let me take a selfie”, this one’s for you. The Baap of selfies, ‘Oppo’ has now released a phone that has a selfie camera that looks like it’s built for your Instagram feed. With a 16MP selfie camera, you get the shot rolling.

Vivo V5 Plus

This is a new gun in the run. The Vivo V5 Plus is the first to introduce a Dual Selfie camera with a Selfie Flash. This has all your concert, Pub, or camping selfies sorted. You no longer will need to point all your torches in one direction to get that selfie in the dark. Now you’re night life selfies not only look natural but also look radiant. Tap that 20+8MP dual selfie camera if you stand a chance, it’s worth a shot. 

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The final touch of gold

It’s all about your cover story:Now we have the phone that gets you the best pictures, yet, both you and I know that it’s not Insta ready, Not yet. So, what it needs is a touch of magic from the apps that beautify you, make you at least 3 times prettier, this while keeping in mind that you’re still gonna meet your Insta followers once in awhile, else one goes no less than 6x times to what they actually look.Now that you have the camera phone you need, let’s get the Picasso in you out. Instagram is all about showing the perfect you. None of your followers wants to see your signs of aging or pimples, so, it’s all about doing a perfect cover job. And for that my friend, we have apps.We have again, listed out a few apps that could pave a way for you to get that perfect InstapicWe all know what these apps do, for those who don’t: These apps add light, change backgrounds, add toon or animal masks, put text, or just bluntly beautify. While you’re gaining your expertise in Pixar and Adobe, try your hands on Toolwiz, Pic Design, PicsArt, and Boomerang. Might just do the trick.So, this is the secret to why your friends have better Insta pics or followers. Else, they might just have a friend with a DSLR. In which case, just let that slide.