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Why Do Most Marriages Lose Their Spark After A While?

Oh look at that couple, they look so bored of each other! Oh those friends of mine, they are going through a divorce because the guy doesn’t spend time with his wife or take her out for movies! - Haven’t we all heard of such real-time gossip stories while we hang out with our besties.Here are a few reasons why most marriages lose their spark after a while, best to learn the art of rekindling the passion and having a spectacular understanding with each other.

On top of my list is the most crucial one – LESS SEX! As ironic as it may sound, most couples get so caught up or fatigued with the daily chores of life that not only do they find it challenging to enjoy sex but they also forget that their partner is still human and has his/her share of desires and needs! Making out – passionately – definitely strengthens the bond between the couple.

Not being able to talk about your fantasies or kinks is as criminal as not having sex. Let's face it, sex has to be gratifying for both the man and the woman. 

Most conversations are about household, family or kids! They forget to connect with each other about things they enjoy doing in life otherwise – books, movies, art, travel, and beauty…anything under the sun except those mundane responsibilities that you got to deal with in any case!

Taken for granted – You hardly do anything to please your partner. It doesn’t have to be buying solitaires or Armaani accessories, it could be as simple as styling your hair just the way your partner likes it… Doing those little nothings keep the connection alive.

Ensure that you have one or two weekends get together with your set of friends where you get your time out from your partner! A refreshing time spent with your buddies can help you feel rejuvenated and in all probability, you may be slightly more motivated to be nice to your partner. 

Never let envy or possessiveness ruin your love. Understand that your partner is as human as you and may have their moments when they appreciate or indulge in things or people that attract them. As long as they are honest and faithful, don’t behave like the Army Marshall trying to restrict their wants and actions – excessive control can cause one to distance from you, trust, however, brings people closer.

Learn to forgive and let go before you go to bed… Make peace…make love!They say the secret to a happy marriage is love, I would say it is worldly wisdom – emotional intelligence. If you really want to make it work, you would know or at least learn how to make it work!PS: Views expressed in the article are writer's own.