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Never Say No To Centipedes Entering Your House, They Work Wonders

Are you fed up of all the creepy creatures like cockroaches, spiders, bed bugs, ants and every other insect which invades your house as if it was their own? They make you crazy, make you jump over to your couch and chairs. Some of us are so afraid that we don’t enter that room for days unless assured that they are no longer there. Some people become violent and kill them. Well, such people often succeed in their attempts but also create a mess on the floor.This brings us to the question how to prevent these arthropods from entering our private space or bed. Here is the remedy. Send out an invitation to centipedes and sleep without worries. Then, you’ll have to deal with only one creepy creature in your house.  Confused? WittyFeed tells you why centipedes are better than other arthropods

What is it?

A house centipede is all you need to get rid of other arthropods. It is a tiny arthropod having 30 legs, which moves swiftly across your bathrooms or rooms at times. It is also as disgusting as others. But if it enters your house, it will benefit you in many ways. So, don't kill it. Instead, welcome it.

Cockroaches, spiders, bed bugs, ants

Coming to point, you should not spend more of your cash on pesticides to get rid of these arthropods. A centipede, which is found in your bathrooms, will take care of the rest by preying on them.It's not like owning a pet but it will surely help you get rid of cockroaches, spiders, bed bugs, ants.

Don’t like centipedes?

Well, you may not like the sight of a centipede. If this is the case, then make sure that you don’t have any cool, damp place in your house including toilets, and basements. Keep them dry, otherwise, centipede is one creature which will find its way to your bathroom.

Never kill a centipede

Because, it is quite possible that when you squash a centipede, more of them come crawling out of its body just like in the case of wolf spider.

Instead, do this

When you see a centipede racing in your bathroom or bedroom just take a jar and capture it inside it. No jokes meant here. Then, throw it somewhere far away from your house with damp leaves so that it doesn't come back.


An entomologist working at US Department of Agriculture had said in 1902, “It may often be seen darting across floors with very great speed, occasionally stopping suddenly and remaining absolutely motionless, presently to resume its rapid movements, often darting directly at inmates of the house… thus creating much consternation”.

What’s consternation?

Well, before you Google the last word of the above statement, let me tell it to you. In layman’s language, the uneasiness you feel the moment you see centipede or any other arthropod around, is consternation.

Seldom Lethal 

Don’t worry, centipedes will not harm you on making contact unless you live in tropical regions. Then, I might worry a bit because the ones found there can harm you lethally.

Germ free

Unlike the above-mentioned arthropods, a centipede is hygienic and does not contaminate your kitchen or bathroom like cockroaches do.


Lastly, the house centipede will be helpful if they happen to enter your house. It saves you the efforts of clearing those webs by eating the spider. This will keep your ceilings clean.  Subscribe!