On In Relationship

15 Things Only People in a Committed Relationship Can Understand

Being in a committed relationship is like being on a roller coaster ride. It is full of ups and downs, with feelings of love, care, and excitement.Every day begins and ends with loads of hugs and kisses. But, not to forget that along with the good side, there is always a less seen side of the relationship that includes jealousy, possessiveness, and too many expectations.What holds you back is love and it keeps two people bonded in this beautiful relationship forever!

1. Love is always there in the air around you! 

2. You learn that sharing is caring!

3. You have to meet your partner's parents and treat them as they are yours.

4. Everyday is a roller coaster ride.

5. And you just don't understand why is this happening with you?

6. But, there are days when you feel excited about your future and plan your marriage.

7. You realize that shopping together is the best thing to do!

8. You can not afford to miss out on any commitments!

9. Else you might just have to deal with this!

10. Or this.

11. Your friends start getting jealous because you are committed and are not a part of their league anymore!

12. You are addicted to each other and cannot even live a day without talking.

13. You feel that he/she is made only for you.