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High Court Justice Seeking ''Interrogation'' Against Chief Justice From PM; Have You Heard This Ever Before?

You're going to be a part of a significant time in the judicial history of India, don't believe me? For the first time, a sitting high court judge has been asked to undergo health examination proving his mental capabilities.it gives rise to speculations that the Calcutta High Court Justice C S Karnan has been doubted for being mentally unfit and was held in contempt of court recently.The  Chief Justice J S Khehar has asked Director General of Police, West Bengal to assist the medical examination board to be constituted for this purpose. The DGP has also been asked to submit the reports of the examination by May 8. The reason all this is taking place is because Karnan started accusing his own colleagues and others of corruption.It is one of many firsts that for the first time he was brought down from a court session which was on February 8, 2017. Subsequently, the Justice was asked to present himself in front of the 7-judge Supreme Court bench. These 3 points are all you need to know:

Letter to PM

It was in February this year contempt proceedings were initiated against Justice Karnal and he was served with a notice of the charge that he wrote a letter to the PM with a request to initiate "interrogation" against some of the sitting Supreme Court judges and also high court judges on charges of corruption.  

Further proceedings

Earlier Justice Karnan had issued an order banning traveling of Eight Supreme Court judges including the Chief Justice of India (CJI). Karnan even sent an official notice to the CJI and other judges to appear before his court when asked to go through the examination. This also led the CJI to release another new ruling that all courts, tribunals and other judicial officials will not be considering any of Justice Karnan's orders issued after February 8, 2017. Also, this will be the first time when for a contempt hearing a 7-judge bench will be there. Normally, there’s a 2 – 3 judge bench or 5-judge bench sits (rarely), this time is different because the Supreme Court is planning to take some strict measure. Since, last time in February 2016, Karnan accused Sanjay Kishan Kaul, judge of the Supreme Court of India for corruption and also of harassment and belittlement before February.

Peer support

It is yet to be seen if Justice Karnal would cooperate with the medical board for his mental health examination. In the meanwhile, a Senior advocate, K K Venugopal has urged the Supreme Court to be lenient since Justice Karnan will be retiring in June, and not to proceed with the contempt case. On the other side, as per Indian express  Attorney General Mukul Rohtagi said, “We have become a laughing stock. This is his (Justice Karnan) contempt is pending. If the court does nothing now then what will happen latter? Everyday he says something, the court can’t keep giving him opportunities to explain his stand. This is nothing but aggravation of law.”Even with everything said, the real challenge stands is whether DGP will be able to make the Judge go through the examination on May 5 or are there any more challenges waiting for the authorities to carry out the Supreme Court orders?Let us know what you think in the comments bar.Subscribe!