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'My Mom Died In The Shower': 5-Year-Old Clutches Baby Sister And Runs To Neighbor For Help 

We've heard heroic stories of kids saving lives before, but this story of a 5-year-old, Salvatore Cicalese from San Tan Valley, Arizona, will surely win your heart. This brave little heart has been praised a hero for saving his mother's life after she suffered a seizure while in the shower. Little Salvatore, found his mother bleeding from her head in the bathtub, he immediately clutched his baby sister in his arms and ran to the neighbor's house for help. The neighbor soon called 911, and Salvatore's mother was saved. Salvatore's mother, Katelyn Cicalese, survived the seizure and is now recovering. The little guy was honored for his bravery by the Rural Metro Fire Department. He was presented an honorary firefighter certificate, a patch, a shirt and a helmet in tribute to his bravery and this incident even earned the hero the nickname 'Super Sal'.Read the whole story to know what exactly happened and how Salvatore saved his mom, while he also took care of his baby sister.

She went to take a shower and collapsed!

Katelyn Cicalese went to take a shower, but soon after opening the tap, she experienced a seizure and collapsed, striking her head against the tub.

He heard a thud!

Salvatore was just falling asleep in his bedroom when he suddenly heard a thud and immediately went to check on his mom.

Assumed his mom was dying!

He found his mom lying motionless with blood trickling from her head. Assuming that his mother was dying, the boy wrapped his baby sister in a blanket, he then placed her on the couch and went to open the garage door.

He reached the door by climbing on a stool that he had dragged from the kitchen.

Clutched his baby sister and went to the neighbor's house.

He then went back for his sister and carried her to the neighbor, Jessica Penyoer's, house.

Jessica Penyoer found Salvatore standing at the door.

She was at home when she found Salvatore standing at the door.

Initially, she thought his 'dog died'.

...but later understood what he was trying to say.

Jessica called 911 for help...

...And went to the Cicalese family's home, where she found Katelyn lying unconscious with the water still running.

His mom said he saved her life!

"Honestly, he saved my life, I was under the faucet. If he wouldn't have gotten help, I would have drowned."

He still asks his mom if she is going to die!

Mrs Cicalese has made a complete recovery, but Salvatore still asks his mom every day if she is going to die.

Presented an honorary firefighter certificate!

On Friday, a Rural Metro Fire truck showed up outside Salvatore's home, and the department spokesperson Shawn Gilleland presented Sal an honorary firefighter certificate, a patch, a shirt and a helmet in tribute to his bravery.