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King Khan Talks About Humanity, Fame, Love In His First Ever TED Talk And Reveals Some Of His Bitter Secrets As Well

Thursday, the 27th April 2017 was an astounding day for all SRK fans and Indians, of course, as King Khan delivered his first ever TED Talk in Vancouver, Canada. His witty one-liners and humorous sense of speech left everyone in bits. He sure knows, how to lure the audience and entertain them, not only by his acting skills but by his oration as well. He has been a guest speaker at a lot of prestigious events before, worldwide and proved what an excellent speaker he is!The TED Conference 2017, just added one more feather in the hat for Shah Rukh Khan and all the Indians.Don't miss the video in the end.

Speaks his heart out.

Shah Rukh did complete justice to this opportunity of addressing the audience at TED 2017 conference and spoke his heart out. He talked about humanity, fame and love which the audiences were looking forward to. 

Serious yet subtle!

Be it reel or real, Shah Rukh has always left his audience spellbound. With his witty one-liners and appropriately timed jokes, SRK won many hearts, yet again!To quote Mr Khan himself, “Humanity is a lot like me. It’s an ageing movie star, grappling with all the newness, wondering whether she got it right”. 

On the advent of the internet.

This man, a successful actor, businessman and a philanthropist, Khan is also a brilliant speaker. He carries an intellect very few can level up with and talks a lot of sense. He said,“We had expected an expansion of ideas and dreams; we had not bargained for the enclosure of judgment". See where I'm going with this?

Making India proud since forever!

We have seen him speaking at Universities like Yale and other eminent platforms. And what a brilliant speaker he is! I could literally hear him speak for my entire life. Be it Raj from DDLJ or Shah Rukh from TED. He is just breathtaking!

Tickling the funny bone.

He has always been sardonic and in a good way! His chuckle-some nature and politeness tickled the funny bones of the audience, here at TED as well. He stated, he had started feeling that he now resembled with his wax statue, placed at Madame Tussauds in London, leaving the audience in utter laughter.

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It's official!