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What Dragged Vinod Khanna To Sell The Mercedes And Become A Monk?

When Vinod Khanna was at the peak of his career giving a series of Bollywood blockbusters, he left the industry and shocked everyone by renouncing the world and taking Sanyas. This alarmed his contemporary actors and angered many distributors. His family was also in a deep shock! But he said that he had always been a seeker, declared himself a disciple of Osho and shifted to Pune Ashram to be with him. This surprised the entire Bollywood fraternity and before anyone could figure out anything, he left for Oregon, the USA with his Guru.

Vinod Khanna with his Guru, Osho Rajneesh.

Khanna was profoundly influenced by the philosophy of Osho which circled around the idea - ZORBA THE BUDDHA. Zorba was a fictional character from a Greek Novel, Zorba The Greek, who enjoyed life to the fullest. He was bloody materialistic and had no regrets about that. Then, we have the Buddha who asks you to renounce everything and live with no possessions. But, Osho believed that the modern human beings should enjoy both these ends, they can be materialistic and spiritual at the same time.

Osho was a worldwide phenomenon from 70s to late 90s.

Not just Vinod Khanna, many other international celebrities, renowned CEOs of big corporate organisations, Bureaucrats etc. left their jobs and became disciples of Osho. His impact was so hypnotizing that some people said they decided to renounce the world just after listening to his voice. Strange, eh? But that's the truth.

Vinod Khanna - The Sexy Sanyasi

Osho Commune is all about dancing, singing and music. Being a disciple, this is the only thing expected from you. That you forget the fucking world and dance, sing, celebrate and enjoy. To hell with the world! Who is going to stop you? Only you. Another interesting thing was that there were no deadlines in the ashram. ;)As a disciple, Khanna was assigned the task of a gardener. Disciples close to him said that he religiously watered plants, maintained gardens and sang to flowers. This zeal also made him the favourite disciple of Osho.

Why Vinod Khanna renounced the world?

He said,"I have seen name, fame, money and glamour. Now what?" To search for this 'now what', he renounced the world and started seeking the truth. He sold all his belongings, including his Mercedes and started living in the Pune Ashram. Later, when there were problems in Pune ashram, he shifted to the US with Osho. This also led to divorce with his first wife, Geetanjali. 

The Comeback

After spending five years in the US, he came back to India and started working in the films again. People asked him whether he had ceased to be a disciple of Osho to which he said he was still a follower of Osho and will also remain so, and that he had returned to the film industry to improve his financial condition and to be with his family and friends. After working in a couple of films, he turned to politics and was also a Cabinet Minister. He also got married again. But, whatever he did, he remained a true disciple of Osho and loved him till the end.Honi ko unhoni kar de, unhoni ko honi - these lines perfectly fit the Topsy-Turvy life of Vinod Khanna.

The only actor who was able to counter the stardom of Amitabh Bachchan.