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Why Cricketer Zafar Ansari Announced Retirement At Just 25?

Zafar Ansari, a former English cricketer whose bloodline runs back to Pakistan, used to play for Surrey County Cricket Club and for England cricket team until he announced his retirement on April 26, 2017. The spin bowling all-rounder made his debut against one of the oldest first-class cricket country clubs of England in September 2010. On May 8, 2015, he made debut in international ODI. He got his double-first degree (bachelor's degrees and integrated master's degrees) from Cambridge University.At 25, the English player decided to retire from the world of cricket in order to pursue other ambitions which according to him do not lie within the circle of a playground.

3 test matches

Zafar Ansari has played only three matches till date. Two test matches against India and the first one against Bangladesh back in October.

First-class cricket

The left-hand spinner played 71 first class matches and has 128 wickets to his name.

All that in the span of 7 years

1st International ODI

He made his debut in International ODIs in 2015, while playing against Ireland.

His life’s philosophy

According to BBC, the 25-year-old never considered cricket to be his life but a part of it. Hence, now he looks forward to achieving other desires he has thought of.

Pakistani origin

He had an English mother. The father migrated from Lahore.