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These Photographs Of Young & 100-Year Olds Will Astonish You

Time is the best healer and the catalyst for change too. With time people change, so do their appearances, as is evident from this series of photographs. With changing time, people age, their skin wrinkles, their hair become grey. This creative photographer Jan Langer worked on a fabulous idea and came out with a project called, Faces Of Century. Under this project, he captured over a dozen Czech centenarians and compared their pictures when they were young and when they were over 100 years old. This comparison is mind-boggling. Jan said, "This set of comparative photos explores the similarities and the differences in appearance and in physiognomy."

#1. Marie Burešová: 23 Years Old (Wedding), 101 Years Old.

#2. Antonín Kovář: 25 Years Old (Bandmaster Of His Own Band), 102 Years Old(2/13)

I'm in love with this photographer's amazing insight on photography.

#3 Marie Fejfarová: Her Personal History Was Burnt; On The Right 101 Years Old

#4 Vlasta Čížková: 23 Years Old (Finished Girl High School), 101 Years Old

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#5 Antonín Baldrman: 17 Years Old (Skilled Locksmith), 101 Years Old

#6 Prokop Vejdělek: 22 Years Old (Oath Of Enlistment), 101 Years Old

#7 Bedřiška Köhlerová: 26 Years Old (Wedding), 103 Years Old

#8 Anna Pochobradská: Around 30 Years Old, 100 Years Old

#9 Ludmila Vysloužilová: 23 Years Old (Gift For Her Fiancé), 101 Years Old

#10 Vincenc Jetelina: 30 Years Old (Finished His House), 105 Years Old

#11 Stanislav Spáčil: 17 Years Old (Skilled Electrician), 102 Years Old

#12 Anna Vašinová: 22 Years Old (After Wedding), 102 Years Old

#13 Ludvík Chybík: 20 Years Old (Skilled Confectioner), 102 Years Old

We are delighted at your work, Jan. Keep up the good work.DOn't forget to comment and share.