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Wife Tells Her Husband She Found A Dog, Texts Him Pic Of A 'COYOTE'

Rescuing an abandoned animal is admirable, especially if you find a stray dog wandering alone in the woods in need of a loving home. What are the chances of bringing home a wild coyote by mistake? This preschool teacher's prank on her husband will have you cracking up, and their text conversation has gone insanely viral for her husband's comical reaction!

#1 "Adopt Don't Shop" Is The Motto Of Many Pet Lovers

Choosing to adopt a cat or dog gives that animal a chance to have a loving family and a better life. One preschool teacher decided to help a dog in need, and it lead to a seriously freaked out husband!

#2 Kayla Eby Decided To Play An Epic Prank On Her Husband

Kayla Eby from the Seaside, Oregon decided to trick her husband, Justin Bogh thinking she rescued a dog she found, and their text conversation about the new puppy will have you in tears!

#3 Eby Used Photoshop To Perform Her Prank

Eby sends her husband a picture of the dog she brought home, except she photoshopped a coyote into the photo. His reaction? Priceless.

#4 This Woman Pulls Off Her Part Effortlessly

Eby assures her husband that the animal she brought home is a regular, domesticated dog. He is not amused, and he isn't afraid to let her know.

#5 Her Husband Begins To Ponder The Worst Case Scenario

He is imagining coming home to a massacre because of his wife's misjudgement. He really tells her straight, including being honest about the time she brought home ferrets. He really hates ferrets.

#6 Bogh Even Jokes About Divorce

Things got real, really fast after Eby asks to keep the wild animal. Her husband is literally on his last nerve, and he asks that she has the coyote removed from the house before he gets home.

#7 Eby Names The Dangerous Animal And Bogh Loses It Completely

Eby tells her husband that she named the coyote Spot, and she explains that the animal seems to be irritated. Bogh calls Eby a "psycho lady" and reveals that this isn't the first questionable thing she has done during their marriage.

#8 Her Husband Prepares To Face An Entire Pack

Eby reveals that there are more coyotes outside, and her husband can't even contain himself anymore.

#9 Eby Reveals That The Entire Ordeal Was An Epic Joke

Eby reveals her amazing prank was provided by Photoshop and her husband is relieved. Undoubtedly angry, but extremely relieved.