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Onlookers Went Crazy When Mexican Fishermen Showed This Scary Creature

Last month, some fishermen were sailing down the Los Cabos coast of Mexico. One of the fishermen Jaime Rendon caught a bloated, pink-hued sea creature. The fishermen were taken aback by its terrified look. Other fishermen said it was an alien creature. It made researchers to sit up and take notice when they saw its pictures on Facebook page.Read on to know the details.Suggested Read: Largest White Shark Caught On Camera, OMG!

Cephaloscyllium Ventriosum

On March 28, 2017, when Jaime was sailing with one of his clients Dr Prescado almost a mile away from the shore, they spotted the fish and captured it.  

Pisces Sportfishing Fleet

The odd looking creature received 500 shares on twitter within hours of posting it. As their Facebook page suggested, it was pulled out from a depth of 370 feet and took four minutes to bring it to surface.

It’s Not Alien

When Chuck Bangley, a researcher at East Carolina University, saw the Facebook pictures, he presumed it to be a swell shark. After watching the pictures, he also thought that this shark could be an albino with unusual light colour, which belongs to cat shark species.

Chuck’s Doubt

After seeing the fish, it struck Bangley that sharks have 10-14 gill slits.Also: 18 Foot Shark Caught Off Surfing Beach Will Terrify You

The Observation

Unlike what Jaime observed, this swell shark had only three-gill slits on each side of its head with three rows of tiny teeth.

Another Explanation

Bangley after observing it closely said these kinds of sharks have small gill slits or are compressed really close together. Or, an anomaly can also be presumed in the case.


After the Pacific Research Center got hold of the photographs, its Director Dr David A Ebert confirmed that it is a swell shark.Also Read: This Two Headed Shark Is Mysterious To Researchers For A Bizarre ReasonSubscribe