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19 Award Winning Pictures You Won't Believe Are Captured With Mobile Phones

Photography – the word has taken a whole new form and interested more people than ever, thanks to the growing technology. Mobile phones have given us the power to do things we couldn’t imagine a decade back. From helping us reach and connect with our friends and relatives sitting thousands of miles away, to capturing any and every moment or scenic beauty in a jiffy; mobile phones have revolutionized everything and given it a new meaning.Sharing space with the selfie-crazy society today, it comes as no surprise to find a budding photographer in every nook and corner of the world. Our phones are inundated with photographs, some of the people (known or unknown), some clicked on random occasion, and some clicked just for fun (if you know what I mean). And if you are told you stand a chance to win an award for those clicks, the inspiration is sky-rocketing. For those who are still oblivious of the world’s longest running international competition for Mobile Photography & Art, check out these pictures to boost the photographer within you. Here are the category winners and honorable mentions of the 6th Annual Mobile Photography Awards, which are sure to leave you awestruck. The winners have been chosen by the members of the jury.

The Grand Prize Winner! 

Giles Clarke of New York walked home with the 2016 MPA Photographer of the year award. He clicked a candid picture of the Peshmerga Soldier in Iraq. If we were to describe this photograph in the words of Andy Butler - a jury member - then it would be something like this, "If we are looking for photos that tell a story then Giles is the one. Out of all the amazing MPA photos this year his was the collection that had me thinking all night."

Helen Breznik - Winner of Self Portraits.

Geoff Cunningham - Winner of Macro & Details.

Suzanne Engelberg - Winner of Street Photography.

Christine O’Brien - Winner of Digital Fine Art.

Jennifer Thomas - Winner of Architecture and Design.

Richard Chambury - Winner of Silhouettes.

Michel Juvet - Winner of The Darkness.

Katrina Stewart - Winner of Transportation.

Pierre Hauser - Winner of Still Life.

Sam Burton - Winner of Water/Snow/Ice.

Glenn Homann - Winner of People.

José-Luis Sáez - Winner of Black & White.

Zarni Myo Win - Winner of Portraits.

Mariko Klug - Winner of Landscapes.

Margarita Iskandarova - Winner of Nature & Wildlife.