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The Secret How Paul Walker Was Kept Alive For Fast And Furious 7 Is Amazing

With the tragic incident of Paul Walker's demise, it was a tough situation for the makers of Furious 7. Should they rewrite the whole script and let many other already filmed scenes of Paul go? Or, should they should complete the movie using body doubles and effects. Well, they chose the second option. They kept him alive using effects, and his body doubles were played by his brothers Caled and Cody. It was an extremely painful journey without him. But Paul Walker's exceptional portrayal of the character of  Bryan O'Connor, deserved an ending of honor. It would have been an injustice to his memory if the role had just ended abruptly.  With some other unknown facts about the movie, here is a video that has insights on how they kept Paul Walker alive for the rest of the movie to keep him alive for eternity in our hearts.  Rest in peace Paul Walker. We will always be safe in our hearts. 

Paul forever.

Furious 7

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