Your Backyard Will Cheer Up And So Will You, After Reading These DIY's

Summers are here, and we all love to spend our evenings in the backyard. We all use the backyards behind our houses for different purposes like gardening, barbecuing, catching up friends, spending time with family, having a romantic date or just laying alone with a book of our choice. But isn't it time and money consuming, making our backyard look beautiful? Worry no more! I'm here with some of my favorite backyard DIY's, that'll beautify your backyard without burning a hole in your pocket!Ready?Let's go!

Glam up your fence.

Drill a few holes in your wooden fence and fit in some marbles in those holes. Watch sunlight pass through those holes and enjoy!

When in a mood to relax.

Hang a hammock and place some soothing lights. Choose your favorite book or take your i-pod and just lie down here in the arm of nature. I'm sure this is going to be your favorite spot!

Child's play.

Add some colors to your backyard by placing these hopscotch boards, made by paving stones. Kids or adults, both can play using these and have fun!

Ladder garden. 

This looks super stylish and expensive but don't worry the latter is not true! It'd only take a couple of bucks to get that ladder and then you could show off the best of your plants by putting them in this. 

Can Lanterns look adorable?

Just throw some lights in those cans, make a few holes here and there and you'd be good to go. Hang them from tree branches or juxtapose them on the fence, their dim yet effective glow will set your mood right.

Do you like planters?

I love planters! Use an old tire, some spray paint and a chain to make this lovely planter. Decorate it as you like and hang it around. 

Don't these look extremely posh?

Think twice before you throw away those wine/alcohol bottles. Just place them wisely around your backyard to lighten up the place, instead of torches and get a chic environment.

Got some extra keys?

Use them to make your very own and very pretty wind-chime. Hang it in your backyard and hear those chimes all day long!

I bet you didn't think about this?

Now, convert your old shoe holder into an outdoor planter. 

Do you feed birds?

If you don't start doing it especially during summers, they will die. So, don't forget to put out some water and food for those little creatures. All you need t have is a few dinner wares like plates and bowls. 

Date night?

Wrap up lights around the trees in your backyard and see how romantic that'd look. Do this on your next date night and see how impressed your better half would be by your skills.

Rustic walkways. 

Rustic wooden walkways have always been my favorite. They can be easily made to connect two areas in your background or can also be made in a quite corner.

Bird feeder

Take an empty bottle and reuse it to make an amazingly cute bird feeder. 

Extra seating for summer parties?

Re-paint folding chair in bright colors using spray paints and there you have it, new-like chairs.