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Got Some Extra Time On Hand? Try These 13 DIY Creations For Your Saturday House Party

You wouldn't deny the fact about the trouble you go through every weekend for getting a reservation at some nice place. Sometimes you get one and then there are days when you have to settle for a place you don't like but have no option.  This brings us to the point where you can make your own place decorated like a cafe and have a good evening whenever you want to without the hassle or fuss of a reservation. Suggested Read: 14 Most Hilarious DIY That Failed Too Bad


Just collect some twigs and arrange it in a shape you like them to see in. Just like what a bird does, make it and keep it on your front door entrance or a table out front. This way you'll always feel like walking into a cafe, may it be a party night or not.

Expensive Cupcakes

Whenever you walk into a bakery and come out with a lot of cupcakes with numerous designs on it, you happen to lose out on a lot of money. Instead, from next time just buy these nozzles and the material for making cupcakes; then you will have as many cute looking cupcakes as you want at a lot less expenditure than incurred now.


Just saying "make yourself at home" doesn't quite cut always. You can create similar cards with the individual's name on it and put it wherever you want them to be seated. This way, you'll make them feel more than home and at the same time privileged as if at a 5-star hotel.

Aguas Frescas

Now, your guests have arrived and in need of a drink. Why leave them with some pre-packed drink when you can add a Mexican flavor to their evening.The following is for a single serve: take 1.5 cups of water and blend watermelon with it. Stir it properly until sugar is completely dissolved with a punch of lime.Serve it on the rocks and yes, don't forget to pour yourself a glass too.

Dyed Dollies

Want to add a more elegant touch to that Mexican drink of yours? Have these ready at the time of the party and use them as coasters, after you color them with a variety of colors. They also happen to add a grace to your high-tea when kept under saucers.

Toolbox Bouquet

Remember #1, on the off chances of you not liking it, here's another one. Arrange a wooden box, and fill it with flowers of your choice. Keep it on the house's front or in the living space, and then see how it adds up to an excellent style quotient.

Lace them

Worried about glass crockery looking too simple, buy some colorful laces and wrap them around all of them. It will indeed bring a unique touch to your outdoor party.


It is essential because you don't want people spilling drinks everywhere or get trouble to find drinks. Pick a corner and keep all the drinks you've thought of at one place. 12 Brilliant DIY Hacks That Will Smoothen Your Lifestyle


Don't cage a bird but do buy one birdcage and decorate it with flowers you want to. Hanging it on the outside or keeping it in some corner of your house could bring a cosmic beauty to the surroundings.

Mason Jar Lamps

I wouldn't stop you from going to an interior shop but all the old glass bottles could make an outstanding series of lamps. And, don't worry about hanging them even while laid on the floor adds equal brilliance.

Finger Sandwiches

It may sound weird to you while reading it, though you shouldn't worry because all it needs is some meticulous efforts from your fingers and nothing else.

Cherry Blossom Strawberry Cheesecake

Don't let them go without a dessert. Learn how to make it here.

Potting station

You've served them well and now it looks they don't want to leave. So, give them some things to fiddle with and in the process you might get a better-looking garden too.