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PM Modi Has A Special Birthday Wish For Jonty Rhodes' Daughter And Jonty's Reply To It Is Epic

Former South-African cricketer, Jonty Rhodes was blessed with an angel two years ago and he named her, INDIA! Isn't that a feeling of pride? Yes, it is, for all Indians. When a foreigner names his child with the name of your country, you feel an instant cheer and happiness. Jonty has been in love with India's culture and heritage and has immense respect for it. Also, his daughter, India was born in India only in a Mumbai hospital on April 22, 2015. The cherry on the cake was when PM Modi in return wished the lucky little angel on her second birthday. Have a look at the sugary sweet birthday wishes for the cutie-pie that India is!  A twist we got to see here was when Jonty included the hashtag, MakeInIndia, in his tweet, this gave a new meaning to Modiji's campaign and Tweeple were all over it! Have a look at this interesting episode.

India, who was born in India turned two on April 22, 2017.

Jonty is a doting father.

Jonty had been a swift fielder in his days.

He was known for his quick chase of the ball. 

He had named his daughter India Jeanne Rhodes, in 2015.

Surely he has made a deep connection with India by giving his daughter such a unique name.

This was PM Modi's sweet birthday wish for Jonty's daughter.

"Happy Birthday to India, from India."This is an extremely caring gesture from The PM of India himself. Yes, he is as natural and as Indian as any of us. *Respect*

And... This is what Jonty had in reply to the wish from the PM of India.

His tweets reflect the respect and admiration he has for the country of India. Also, at last, he mentioned '#MakeInIndia'! Now, this hashtag provided an altogether a different angle to the wish! And Tweeple had their day., figuring what it would mean.

Yes, it was indeed, point on!

And surely PM Modi would have himself never thought of making this in India, with his #MakeInIndia campaign!

Maybe this one went too far, to Nile!

Pretty sure, this must have happened!

There is no stopping sarcasm! It finds its way, everywhere!

Why, dude why?

Jokes apart, have a look at how Jonty's daughter is enjoying her childhood in India. Jonty is presently working with Mumbai Indians in IPL 2017.

Awww, like mother, like daughter.