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Meet This Guy Who Is On A Mission To Save All The Worldly Dogs

On one hand where people are turning more selfish by the hour while others are contributing as much as they can to build a better society. Today, we came across an Australian who is full of humanity even when it comes to dogs and (you'll know when you read further). Also, you’ll get to know all about his mission as what he intends to do with all the dogs in the world.

"World’s Biggest Dog Lover"

That is not a Guinness title yet, but Ryan Anderson, a native of Australia considers him that way, and as you come to know about the love and dedication he has for dogs, even the title you just read will sound small to you.

Aussie – The Doggie Lover

Ryan is employed by Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA)  as the inspector of animal welfare. And, he makes sure to do justice for this job by the way he leads his life around dogs nurturing them.

Life Full Of Dogs

With that being said, even after working as a full-time employee at RSPCA he makes himself available just for volunteering foster care of dogs.P.S. Meet Cinnamon, The Happiest Dog On Instagram

Making The World A Better Place

A true commitment towards dogs and making way through his job even after work hours, he tends to go through all the hardships just to make the DOG world safer than it is today.

All Started As A Fantasy

Ryan’s mission for dogs and what he is today started with a very simple fascination of meeting as many dogs as possible in life, and then he had that makes epiphany.

Community Needs Me

Not the community full of people but dogs. When he started out and came across several dogs, the noble thought of all the ways he could benefit dogs, struck him.

According To "The Dodo"...

...Anderson said, "I started out just volunteering on weekends with various rescue groups, attending events, fostering dogs, transporting animals and donating, and now I also promote rescue dog events, fundraisers, adoptable animals through my social media as well as educational posts for promoting responsible dog ownership”.

Education’s Contribution

And, when all this was happening Ryan understood the major role which education can play in accomplishing all that he dreams of and his dream of meeting all the dogs changed to "spread compassion and awareness about rescue dogs".

And, It Resulted In...

Instead of coming across different dog breeds and clicking a photograph with them, Mr. Anderson stepped out with his own pet dog Goose (a Rottweiler) to spread more awareness among people about what they can all do to make the life of dogs better.Suggested Read: 7 Most Amazing Differences Between Dog Lovers And Dog Parents

The Creation Of “Aussie Dog Guy”

As the Goose and its owner were out on a mission, they started to address the general public with agendas like owning a pet responsibly and ways to rescue dogs. Since the initiation was done on social media as well with the facility for people to adopt dogs which were rescued; he became famous by the name of “Aussie Dog Guy”.

 He Is Into Cats Too

Although, cats and dogs have always been after each other's life, but it’s not the same with Ryan. Because, he’s after the life of each of them in order to rescue, and so does he writes “crazy dog lady man” in his Instagram profile description.Also Read: Dog Saves Owner's Life As A Vicious Dog Attacks Him!Subscribe