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Described As A “Typical Bloke”, This Dad-Of-Two Is Now Wearing Skirts And Leggings For A Shocking Reason

There are many of us who try to hide our real self behind a mask, mainly to escape sadistic comments and judgmental eyes. But is this life worth living like that, where we all roam around masquerading as happy beings? Definitely not! Each one of us has the right to live our life the way we want to, irrespective of what the world thinks of us. Our happiness lies in our hands, and it is high time, we break free of the mask and start enjoying this “one life” we have been blessed with.Having said that, I would like to draw your attention to some human beings, who are still struggling with their gender identity or are confused/scared regarding the same. Even if they have come to the realization of who they really are, it is the fear of being looked down or ostracized that forces them to stay in their cocoon and not come out in the open.As you would have guessed by now, we are talking about transgender and bisexuals who are obligated to lead a fake life, trying to be someone they are not. But there are some people who are now trying to defy the odds and present their real and true self to the world. James Cohen is one such person, who now goes by the name of Kara, after spending 35 years of his life as a man. Read on to know more about his transformation and how his family reacted to the sudden revelation….

James Cohen, the young Gas and electric engineer.

Look at that young and handsome 35-year-old gas and electric engineer from Leeds. Isn’t he such a fine looking gentleman?

This is how he looked in his childhood.

He is married since eight years now.

According to the DailyMail, James and his wife, Eirian eloped to get married in 2009.

The couple has two daughters from this marriage.

They have two beautiful daughters, Ellie, 6, and Seren, 8 from this marriage.

A sudden revelation.

It was just four months ago that James decided to share something with his wife. One day while watching TV, James turned around to tell Eirian that he was a transgender. Now known as Kara, this electric and gas engineer has felt this way since he was a child.Hereon in this article, we will be referring to James as a female, her new found identity, Kara. 

Isn't this your reaction right now?

His wife’s reaction....

Eirian, who is an actress and a business owner, said that she was obviously shocked by this sudden revelation. However, she says, "I was very accepting, and I felt that it didn't have to change anything. I wanted us to work everything out together; I was so proud that she was able to finally be who she wanted to be and not hide away from the world.”

A “man’s man” and football fan.

Eirian describes James as a typical bloke, a man’s man, who loved playing football in spare time. There was nothing feminine about her until four months back. "She always wore jeans and a t-shirt and she never put any effort into her appearance," says Eirian.

There was something discreet in their otherwise honest relationship.

Eirian recalls that they had a fun and loving relationship, but she could sense that Kara was hiding something in their otherwise honest relationship. She adds, "She kept saying she didn't know who she was, then she would change the subject and didn't want to tell me what she meant.”

His obsession with his wife’s wedding dress.

As per the Mirror, there was just one thing that Eirian recalls as being a little funny about Kara, and it was Kara’s fascination with Eirian’s wedding dress. Ever since they had tied the knot, Kara had wanted to try her wedding dress, just for fun. "It was a very jokey thing to see if it fit him. It was him taking the mick. Other than that, there was no other signs," adds Eirian.

They still share the same marital bed.

Despite the shocking revelation, Eirian is supportive of Kara and finds no reason to break up their happy family. "We are not separating in any way, we still sleep in the same bed, it can be of course be a bit weird at times, but we get on so well,” says Eirian.However, they plan to move to another house where they could have two separate rooms, without affecting their family life in any way.

Kara is taking hormones now.

Initially, Eirian had romantic feelings for her husband, but since Kara started taking hormones, her feelings changed, and now she has found her best friend in Kara.  She says, "Although I have now lost my husband, I have gained an amazing best friend, I am still very much in love with her but as a best friend.”It was a shock for them to discover there was a four years waiting list for hormones. They, instead, opted for prescribed hormones from a GP, who specializes in transgender transitions.

Eirian has written a book hoping to inspire other women in her position.

Eirian has written a book called ‘Stop giving a F**K’, which is slated to release later this year. She hopes that this book will act as an inspiration for women like her and also help transgender stop worrying about the critical and judgmental people. She adds, "I have managed to turn something like this into a positive, instead of letting it destroy me. I hope I can inspire other women in my position to do the same too."

Their kids are equally positive.

Their kids are very accepting of Kara’s transformation and love her even more as a woman. “They have told the world about it, and even their school has been so supportive," says a happy Eirian. Kara enjoys wearing pencil skirts, jeans, and leggings and is beaming with joy. Eirian reveals she has never seen anyone so excited and happy.

This is what Kara has to say...

Kara says,"I feel very lucky to have such a supportive family and an intelligent, open minded wife."I'm finally able to be my authentic self, and the future looks so much brighter since coming out."