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From Instagram Account Holders To Website Owners; These Pooches Are Leaving You Behind

Living a more luxurious life than ours, these pooches have followers in thousands. My dear darlings, you'll be surprised to know that these dogs are actual superstars who not only have a Facebook page, Instagram account but also own their website. Come, let's have a look at them and be jealous. Also Read: Bored With Cute Receptionists? Here Are 10 Hotels Having Pets As Employees

#1 Chloe Kardoggian

You'll find this Chihuahua wearing a vast variety of outfits on chloekardoggian.com and has 146,000 Instagram fans.

#2 Earl

Despite never looking jolly, this beagle and pug mix from Iowa, US is hugely popular among people. Known as Earl the Grump, his book has the subtitle: “If every dog has its day, then where the hell is mine?”

#3 Marnie

The cute Shih-Tzu Marnie with the giant tongue boasts a flabbergasting 2.1 million followers on Instagram and is also popular for promoting a range of goods from “pawtographed” greeting cards to books.

#4 Harlow

Harlow's old friend Sage died back in 2013 but still lives in their Harlow, and Sage branded merchandise. But Weimaraner Harlow of Salt Lake City now has new miniature dachshund friends Reese Lightning (left) and Indiana Thunderbolt (right).

#5 Clarke

Clark Griswold's YouTube video has been watched 180 million times. His website, clarkgthedog.com reveals his plans of becoming US President.

#6 Tuna

The biggest irony of this six-year-old Chihuahua is that he is one of the most famous pups in the world despite being cruelly branded as the ugliest dog on the planet. Hailing from Cleveland, Tuna has about 1.9 million Instagram followers and his own clothing range.

#7 Boo

This precocious Pomeranian's Facebook page which was set up in 2009 has been liked by 17 million people. Pictures of Boo are uploaded in chic outfits playing with his pal Buddy and has attracted more than 600,000 Instagram followers.

#8 Maru

This soppy-faced ShibaInu is Japan's second most followed star with 2.6 million followers.

#9 Mishka

Mishka,14, who lives in New Jersey is a proud Siberian Husky whose video on YouTube saying “I Love You” went viral in 2008.